Thursday, March 26, 2015

hey hey friday!

let's roll right into this five on friday shall we?

One of these babes is as sweet as sugar and the other is giving me a run for my money (and sanity) this week.. I'll let you guess who's who. 

this is also the best I can get with sister pictures. Rae is moving non. stop. all. day. long. Thank you spring for coming and bringing the sun so she can burn off energy playing outside. 

and speaking of spring, that calls for pastel pinks for mama and Rae will choose two or three different colors, but always settles on the same hot pink color, so cute. Those chubby little fingers are my favorite. 

I can't sing praises for the solly enough. We use it at least once a day whether it's out and about or cooking dinner at home. I still have yet to whip out our double stroller because that thing is a beast and having babe snuggles just seems so much better. 

We also made our first visit to see handsome at work this week to grab some lunch at a little Hawaiian place. 

and lastly a little flashback friday to this heavenly place because today we plan to go to the tulip festival again and I am SO EXCITED. It's seriously one of the prettiest places ever and this time we'll be more prepared with our rain boots. Be warned if you follow me on instagram, tulips are my favorite and I'll probable be over gramming ;) 


  1. the world is a better place because tulip festival exist :) how beautiful!

  2. oh the solly. i cant get enough of it! and those tulips!! i cant wait for the over picture-age thats going to happen. because its going to be amazing!!!

  3. I can't wait to wear my next baby! I didn't really ever wear Mia so I'll definitely be soaking it up with the next!
    Oh my gosh, please DO overgram the tulip festival! I miss all the greenery and flowers.... AZ landscaping is definitely not as pretty to me. I would LOVE to go to a tulip festival, they are the prettiest! Have the best weekend!

  4. Some gorgeous little ladies!

  5. good morning! I have been following your blog for about 9 months now, I enjoy seeing your sweet little ones as I am a military wife too.. I just requested you on instagram, your family is sweet! Keep the pictures coming!! Mahalo from Hawaii a :)

  6. We are headed to our tulip field spot tomorrow!!! I cannot wait.

  7. Eek, they are both so adorable! And I am all about baby wearing, especially the snuggles! We are a no stroller family, and I already can't wait to wrap baby #2 around me!

  8. Oh my gosh I can't believe how much Rae has changed since last years picture! Love!! -Nina