Friday, March 6, 2015

Finally, friday.

Can I get a hallelujah that the weekend is finally upon us!? 

The week was long, like super annoyingly long and not because of the girls but because we have two weeks to move out of our current house and into another. I'll make this short because I could rant and complain on a whole separate post, but it's been hell. Everything is either too expensive, has no backyard, is too far of a commute to work for the husband or doesn't accept pets. We considered getting rid of the dogs.. but I mean.. 

I'm crossing all my fingers and toes I get a phone call about a house we went to see this week because  going to go look at countless houses with two little's is tough. With that current situation it's forcing us to downsize, which I'm totally for. I'd love to declutter and live a more simple life with just necessities. So we're getting rid of our king bedroom set and starting fresh with a queen. Tell me, do any of y'all have a queen? I'm going to miss all that room.. even though if you asked my husband he'd say we only use half of the bed anyhow. New bed means new bedding: still undecided.

also undecided is when we're actually going to make it to Florida. The weather in Oregon has been nothing short of beautiful, but I'm day dreaming of this..

add Rae running around, Bre in her first bikini and handsome and I'm golden. Hopefully this summer we get there!

and again, the sweetest ladies you all are. Tawnya sent goodies, goodies that lasted .2 seconds after this was pictured and Erin sent us this blanket a while back that is used on the daily. 

lastly, because I can't leave out this sweet thing. 

she's a mess, but the best kind to have. It's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend so that means farmer's market, playgrounds and hopefully moving some stuff into a new house. Happy Friday, friends! 
>> random disclaimer: I just now figured out how to see responses from comments I leave on disqus and can now comment back to your comments.. whoops. Sorry!!


  1. Your dogs are so adorable!! Oh My Word! you need to keep them forever and ever! I can only imagine how challenging it must be to find a new home (not to mention your time crunch!) ouch.

    We have a queen and all 5 of us fit on it just fine (myself, Thomas, Ellie, our min-pin and husky!!) Its really not that bad and I am sure you will appreciate all the extra space it allows for in the room!

  2. Your little ones are so adorable ;)Love the bedspreads so cute

  3. ok no. those pups are far too cute. . . i hope you heard (good news!) about that house. moving is the pits, i cant imagine it with a NEWBORN and a TODDLER. seriously. you deserve an award for sure!

  4. I hope everything works out in your favor! It is hard to remember sometimes that these houses we live in now are not our permanent ones and that hopefully it can only get better. Hang in there!

  5. Oh sweetest boxers! How could you ever get rid of them?! Crossing my fingers you get some good news about the house! Moving is such a beast and it makes it even worse when you can't find the perfect place!
    I love your girls!!