Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Aubrey girl, 
 A full month has come and gone and you've captured the hearts of all of us. You love looking at your big sister and the kisses from her are endless. You're still in the eat, sleep, poop, repeat phase but when you are awake you tease us with your smiles and are always trying to hold your head up to look around. You're not a fan of having a dirty diaper, but I don't blame ya. Car rides are your jam, unlike your big sister who still isn't a fan of being in the car. You've been waking up twice, sometimes only once a night which I am a huge fan of. Nursing is going better than it started out, still having some latching issues but I'm confident it'll all work itself out. Sleeping on your dad's chest and his kisses are also your favorite. You better believe we tell you "you're beautiful" several times a day, those blue eyes and dark hair melt me. Our family feels so complete now that your here. Watching Rae share, bring you blankets, give you kisses and try to pick you up just confirm that. We're so in love with you babe!


  1. happy ONE MONTH sweet sweet baby aubrey!! i cant believe one month has already passed! shes gorgeous!!

  2. So so sweet! And again with those tulips! Swoon.