Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Welcome to the world, Aubrey!

She's here and she is perfect! I can not even begin to explain how blessed we feel to now be a family of FOUR. Thank you everyone for all the love and well wishes on our little family!

I woke up Monday morning and called my OB office to see if they could squeeze me in a day early for my 40 week appointment since Stefan was off from work. We ended up going in that afternoon in hopes of good news that this babe would be on her way. I was another centimeter dilated, but still wasn't having any contractions so we scheduled an induction date for the following Monday putting me at 41 weeks. I did not want to wait that long nor did I want to be induced because I was just terrified of the idea. We were so ready to have our little girl in our arms and when my doctor asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes, I kind of froze. I usually need time to look these things up and think about it, but if it helped the process I was all for it.  She did it and it wasn't painful at all, but almost immediately I was crampy. I didn't think anything major would be happening anytime soon so Stefan, Rae, my mom and I all went and grabbed some frozen yogurt afterwards.When the cramps didn't ease up we headed back home to get dinner going for Rae just in case this meant something was happening. 

Sometime around 5:30 the cramps started to feel more like contractions and were around ten minutes apart. I still wasn't convinced they were contractions, but went and took a shower just to be safe. An hour or so later the contractions started to get closer together and I was pacing the kitchen trying to labor as long as I could at home, or at least until we could get Rae to bed. I went through my bags making sure I had everything and then bawled as we kissed Rae good night. It was our last night as a family of three and I was just so happy/nervous/excited/scared for what was next.

 As soon as she was down for the night our neighbor came over and we left for the hospital. On the drive there I felt a gush of what I thought was my water breaking, but when we stopped to grab the towel from the backseat we saw it was blood. A little more worried we rushed to the hospital and once we got up to labor and delivery the blood was still very apparent and still coming. To say we were worried was an understatement, but once we were checked in and seen they told me that my placenta must have been separating early. The doctor and nurses didn't seem too alarmed and at this point my contractions were getting stronger and we we're just waiting for the nurses to get my IV in so the epidural could be placed in. Around 11pm or so I got my epidural and two hours later Aubrey finally had dropped low enough for me to push. I was SO tired at this point, but even more ready to see our little girl. Nine pushes later and at 1:49 am she was here! 

She had beautiful dark hair and her cry was so sweet to hear! They immediately laid her on my chest and there she stayed for a little more than an hour. I LOVED this. Never once was she taken out of my arms from the time she was born. She nursed, made the sweetest sucking sounds, we cuddled and it was pure heaven. The hospital here was amazing. Aubrey stayed in my room the entire time, all testing was done at my bedside and despite the warnings.. she slept in my arms the whole time too. It's unreal how much she looks like her big sister already. 

Seeing him again with another little girl is the sweetest. His demeanor, the way he loves his girls.. the way he loves me. I fall in love all over again. Stefan was made to have little ladies, he just cares so much for them.

Unfortunately Rae wasn't able to come meet her little sister in the hospital. It's flu season around here and they weren't allowing anyone under the age of fourteen on the labor and delivery floor. We were super bummed about it, but Rae also has the sniffles so it was probably best she wasn't able to come. They were actually going to let us leave when we hit 19 hours of being there, but I stayed until that next morning so they could do the last of the tests on Aubrey instead of me driving back up the next day. It was my first time being away from Rae and I was missing my girl so much, I couldn't wait to get back home and see our girls together. 

To say Rae is in love with Aubrey might be an understatement. When we first brought her in she just stared at her. I think she thought she was one of her baby dolls at first and she kept touching her fingers, so funny. When we took her out of the carseat she immediately wanted to hold her and still does every chance she can. Her little voice saying "Aw-beee" kills me and she's always asking to kiss her. I can't wait to see these two grow up together! 

...and now I'm sitting here with Aubrey babe wondering how she's already a week old?! 


  1. Congrats!!! She's beautiful! What an exciting time...I am so glad everything worked out for you with your delivery and everyone is healthy!! I can't wait to watch these girls become the best of friends. :)

  2. Seriously so sweet and sounds like a pretty smooth delivery. Rae is adorable and I'm sure is going to be the best big sister!!

  3. Congratulations Karra! I love how Rae is such a wonderful big sister! Hopefully these two will become close and be life long best friends!

  4. This post had me in tears... so so happy for your sweet family! I have a little something for Aubrey :) I'll pop it in the mail this week (Since I was too dumb to realize I was supposed to send Valentine's to all the babes... haha!!)

    I can't wait to see more photos of the girls together, I can't get over how much Aubrey looks like Rae!!

  5. Your blog is so cute...I'll start following.
    Congratulations on the little one! So happy for you all.

  6. Karra, she is beautiful!!! Loved reading this & so glad you had a smooth delivery! XO

  7. She's so gorgeous and you look amazing. So happy for your family!

  8. Oh wow! Aubrey must have been ready to make her entrance with how quickly stripping the membranes worked... that is AWESOME! I'm so glad the delivery was smooth (and quick, yes!!) and goodness, it melts my heart how much Rae loves her sister! AH! Can't wait for more precious pictures of your girls!

  9. What a beautiful story. I started tearing up when you wrote about putting Rae to bed and heading off...knowing that when she woke up your family would be different!! aubreybis absolutely beautiful!! You can see the love Rae has for her new sister! Melt my heart!! Congratulations!!!