Thursday, February 12, 2015

valentine's for the littles.

I'll admit that I was more than excited for this Valentine's day simply because it would be the first holiday that BOTH girls would be able to celebrate. You know, because 2 week old babies love to celebrate ;) Rae's been crafting all things heart shaped and pink the past few weeks and if you only knew how many heart shaped little candies I've been bribing her for pictures... so much love going on!

and because I wasn't already in crazy nesting mode, I set  up a little exchange between some of my favorite ladies and their littles. One of Rae's favorite things to do is check the mail so the past few weeks have been super fun as the packages rolled in. We received the sweetest gift from Ashley & Waverly and loved it! Stefan's been reading llama llama every night before bed ever since we opened up our gift and I totally packed those cozy socks in my hospital bag when I was having Aubrey! 

All of the other goodies Rae (and Aubrey) received! So many pretty and fun things we're stuffed in that pink heart felt envelope. I may keep it up and put random treats in there because it was so cute looking in there. When Valentine's day does roll around on Saturday I'm going to put a little something in there from her dad and I. I'm also a little excited to be making Neapolitan cupcakes (ie. brownie batter, strawberry cake mix, vanilla frosting--yum). 

Rae and I made our valentines by using white crayons, writing a little note and then painting over it with watercolors. SO FUN. After Rae was finished I added on some stickers for our friends and attached some rock candy! Easy peasy. 

I was Vanessa, Arden and Nash's secret admirer, to see what I sent her check out her post here :)

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  1. So fun! I love the Valentine's you did and the cute package you got from Ashley and Waverly!!

  2. What a great exchange! I love love love the watercolor Valentines! And so great to find your blog (through Erin). Congrats on the newest addition! I have a 6 month old and a 2.5 year old, so the fact that you're blogging 2 weeks in is blowing my mind! :) You're my new hero.

  3. She's the cutest lil valentine ever!! And such a fun exchange! Thanks for setting it all up!

  4. You are the cutest momma EVER! Loved the exchange so much, thanks for putting it together! And Rae's Valentine was adorable... loved the watercolors idea!

  5. Thanks for organizing the exchange, we had so much fun, even though I messed it up!! Sorry again :(

    Hope your doing well as a family of four :) xo