Saturday, January 3, 2015


Every year handsome picks out a new planner for me at Christmas and it's always my most favorite gift. If you know me, you know I like to have things planned out, I'll make lists and lists for my lists and throughly enjoy being organized. Stefan always laughs at me, but will also get me fancy new pens because he knows I love those too ;)

this year's planner was from a beautiful mess and I am so smitten with it. I love the design, the nifty pocket in the back and all the colorful quotes.

I actually didn't do too bad in working through last year's resolutions and some are even going to continue over into 2015. With Aubrey babe coming SO soon, I want these new goals to be achievable and not hold myself to something I know I really won't do.. so here we go:

// drink more water (and green smoothies!) I have been slacking so bad with water intake which is usually never a problem, but I can definitely tell I need to step it up and I've already been adding green smoothies back into our diet almost daily.

// get back into shape. Duh. Post baby body will be interesting because I'll have even less time to myself, but I know handsome will push me.

// yoga! I just love it and I am so excited to start getting back into it... I may even try a barre class to switch it up.

// r e l a x. Which is always the hardest. Why is slowing down and not worrying about daily things like cleaning and cooking so hard to do?

// grow stronger in faith. Each year handsome and I grow in our faith. The past couple months we've been doing an Abide devotional that has opened our eyes and hearts so much as a couple and on our own. 

// simplify. This one might be my favorite. I've been purging all the closets, all the home stuff I think I'll maybe use and just donating to Goodwill. Were a military family so the less the clutter, the less unpacking we have to do when we move ;)

// and lastly to just savor this next year. Aubrey will be our last little babe we're adding to our family and I want to soak up every moment with these girls and handsome. They are what matters and what makes my heart swell. There's no doubt that it'll be a tough year with changes, but we're so ready to take on this next year! 

So excited to be using this planner for the next year. Hopefully it keeps me on top of meal planning, work outs and this little blog. Happy New Year friends!


  1. Great resolutions and beautiful planner! I love getting a new one each year as well.

  2. That planner looks so happy and fun... And just waiting to be filled ;)