Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Potty Success!

You would think with the new babe on the way I'd be curled up on the couch taking as many naps as I could while I can and relaxing.. negative. With the past three day weekend I knew handsome would be home with us so I figured we'd give this potty training thing a shot. We tried a few times here and there occasionally sitting her on the potty months prior, but it was way too early and we we're never consistent enough. I went into this with zero expectations except for the fact that I'd have handsome's help this weekend and why not? at least we'd be saving a few diapers here and there..

and let me tell you what. Rae ROCKED it.

I'm so nervous to be even typing this because I am notorious for ruining a good streak, but we're going on day five and so far so good. As far as prepping her for her weekend of fun we didn't do much except the night before told her she was going to be a big girl and start going to the bathroom on the potty. Out of the two potty's we use the one that goes directly on the toilet, the other is being used as a stool now ;)

Day one she woke up in the morning and we started first thing. Changed out of her diaper and straight into big girl panties. How cute are little bums in underwear versus a diaper? We chose to go this route instead of letting her run naked because if there we're accidents at least they'd be a little contained. Everything I read said to put her on the potty every 15-20 minutes, so that's what we did. It seemed like that was way too often and the last thing I wanted was for her to get annoyed with us so we chose to switch it to every 30-40 minutes. Rae never drinks juice, but we diluted it like crazy so she was drinking it non-stop which helped the whole process. Frozen fruit, grapes and smoothies also helped out. I'd definitely say the first day was the longest, but we made it all day with only one accident so I'd call that a win!

 Day two went down the same way, if anything even better. We ended up not keeping track of the time and just asking every so often. She started to tell us "potty" when she needed to go which helps, but it definitely isn't every time. We haven't overcame pooping. I don't think she is scared to by any means, but I think it takes more time to sit there so every time a diaper gets put on for nap or bedtime that's when she does that business. Which is fine by me.

Day three we we're all going stir crazy but we stuck it out and had one accident but she was telling us when she needed to go more, but she was also getting smart. She knew that a m&m was her treat so by the end of the day she was peeing just a little, getting an m&m and then two minutes later the same song and dance. I wasn't going to deny her if she kept saying potty so it's safe to say that she knows she'd being rewarded.

So far I'm SUPER impressed with how things are going. We made it out of the house sans diapers and a clean car seat HOORAY. I have no doubt accidents will happen, but I'm also so happy we decided to do this before Aubrey gets here. My mom will be here tomorrow evening so the extra set of hands will come in handy.


  1. Yay for all three of you!!!! It really takes some discipline but is so worth it! And coooome on aubrey!!

  2. HORRAY! I swear it really is that easy! It's just mentally taking the plunge!! I have no doubt rae will be accident free from now on!! Good job team!!

  3. Awesome! You'll love the freedom (and savings on diapers!) And are you serious with that first pic? The socks, dying, so cute!

  4. How awesome that she figured it out right before baby is due to arrive!!! Liam has zero interest in actually using the potty, although he would sit on it all day long. I'm okay with having two in diapers though; we cloth, so it's no big deal! Although I'm holding out hope that in the next 3 months something magical may happen and there's a slim chance he will be potty trained before baby arrives!

  5. Oh yayy! I am so not ready to take this plunge, although Scarlett has a nasty diaper rash from her antibiotics so it's tempting to just start!! I need to have my husband home for moral support though and so that I don't get complete cabin fever!! Glad she's doing so well!! xo

  6. This is awesome inspiration! I haven't been very consisted about PTing yet (but we haven't hit 2 yet) and I'm glad to hear it was a success for you!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv