Thursday, January 15, 2015

can I brag a little?

This week has completely kicked my butt. I am lacking energy big time and to say that my husband totally rocks would be an understatement. 

he cooks
he bathes the babe
he puts the babe to bed
he lets me cat nap on the couch while they build castles and houses out of legos
he gives me massages
he puts up with my never-ending list of crafts that take over the entire kitchen
he still tells me I'm beautiful every single day, despite how I feel
he makes our fruit bowls every night.. 

y'all, I am totally undeserving sometimes. Even when I'm cranky and snap at him or tell him not be so close to my face when I'm trying to fall asleep or when I somehow don't end up cooking dinner even though I've had all day to do so, he never. everrrr gets upset with me, and we normally end up giggling over how ridiculous I am sometimes and then I say I'm sorry. Again, he's the best. ever. 

not to mention how adorable it is to watch these two in action. Stefan was made to have girls. He's always said we we're going to end up with three (when we said we were going to have three lol) His job is so demanding and it'd be so easy for him to come home and just want time to himself, but almost every single night he walks through that door and Rae is already begging him to chase her, so that's what they do. Run around the kitchen and living room, he gives her piggy back rides and then they build together. My heart explodes at the thought of him with two babes of our very own. 

So thank you pumpkin, for always putting up with my silliness and for always being you. You're more than I could ever ask for and every single day my heart still bursts for joy over the thought of you. I love you, babe. 


  1. Best husband ever!! We are so lucky to end up with men who take such good care of their girls ;) This really is the sweetest post!

  2. so sweet! "when you said you'd have three" lol, i always said that, then we had two haha.

  3. Love those pictures! He sounds like such a sweet Daddy! I feel like I have one of the lucky ones too!

  4. Awww!!! I LOVE husband posts like this :) He sounds so much like Adam. There's just something about watching a Dad with their daughters that is so heart warming. I laughed out loud at "Even when I'm cranky and snap at him or tell him not be so close to my face when I'm trying to fall asleep".... I totally do this!! So funny!

  5. The sweetest ever!! Seriously ever! He sounds amazing ;)

  6. OK. Sweetest. thing. ever. We totally don't give them enough credit. Loving that first picture of them "shaving" So cute!!! Such a good hubby!!

  7. I love everything about this post! Seriously so sweet!!!

  8. Aww I've been missing out on so many great posts! That is so so sweet what you wrote about Stefan and very true! he is DA MAN!! :) I love you two both and make great parents!

    BTW, that last picture has some made photographer skills...