Monday, January 19, 2015

big sister surprises

I first came across the idea of getting Rae a big sister bag from Vanessa and knew that I HAD to do this for Rae as the time got closer. Since then my pregnant twin (we share the same due date!) Erin, has also gotten a bag together for her sweet babe! 

I am counting down the days (fourteen.. giveortake) until I can give this little gift to my girl! 

I've obsessed over this backpack for months.. months! and it's even prettier in person. Rae started "school" this past week and will be starting ballet in another month so I've already given it to her and she LOVES it. Not to mention she is the freaking cutest thing walking around with a backpack made to fit her. 

I'll be stuffing it with some pretty sweet goodies that I know she's going to go crazy over when she gets her hands on them.

This camera is going to be a hit, especially because she is all about "pit-uhs" lately. My big girl camera is sure to be out nonstop once Aubery makes her appearance so this way she can partake in all the picture taking also! 

Stickers and the lip gloss that she's always searching for in my purse will be thrown in there because what two year old doesn't need them? I also picked up a Sofia the First coloring book for her since coloring has been a daily thing in our house. She'll be rocking this babe tee from her Aunt Erin because she is the original babe and lastly, some leftover candy from her birthday piƱata!

I still can't believe Rae's going to be a big sister. We've had some really sweet moments and cuddles between just the two of us, and just with her and her dad that have completely melted my heart. She's going to rock this big sibling job. 


  1. That bag is the CUTEST!!! I can't believe we're getting so close!! Horray!

  2. I've seen big sister bags before but this one I love! Lily would love love love that camera. Such a great idea!

  3. That back pack is SO CUTE! Oh my gosh.... I'm fighting the urge to click that link and order one for Mia! SO CUTE!
    The chapstick is a genius idea. Mia is obsessed my EOS and she would die if she had one of her very own! Her face would be shiny and sticky with chapstick 24/7, no doubt! Ha ha!

  4. That backpack is gorgeous!!! We have that camera in another color. <3 This idea is so adorable, I'm banking it for future to-do!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  5. That is so cute! I can't believe you are already so close! Yay!

  6. Can not wait to meet your little babe, and Erins!! Such exciting stuff happening in the blog world lately ;)

    I love the idea of a big sister bag, Scarlett would flip over that camera... and the eos lip balm! I'm totally doing this for S when she's lucky enough to become a big sister someday (hopefully soon! !) xoxoxo

  7. What a perfect bis sister gift! Liam is a huge chapstick lover so he would be all over that! I'm starting to think about what I want to do for Liam, but boys are just harder to shop for! I know that I'm going to get him a "doll" ergo carrier though since I'll be wearing the baby nonstop, and he will enjoy wearing stuffed animals... and I think a wooden camera for him too!

  8. Time has flown way toooo fast!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE BRE!!!

    AND when am I going to see my cutie in that babe shirt anyways??