Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

We normally have some sort of game plan on the weekends, but with me going through a whole box of Kleenex and coughing plus Rae on the verge of having a fever Friday, we kept things pretty quiet this weekend. Handsome was so good to me Thursday and Friday.. came home, let me go upstairs to sleep, bathed and tucked the babe in for bed while I tried to sleep this cold off. Being pregnant and being sick is no joke, luckily I think we're all on the mend.

Saturday morning we were all feeling a little better so we ran some last minute errands, grabbed a quick burger and decided to check out the park since the night before they did the Christmas tree lighting (we'll definitely be making our way back at night when it's all lit up!).


AND we finally got to bust out our new favorite hair accessory from Jess at Sadie Sky Boutique! Lately Rae has been objecting to anything in her hair besides clips so I was happy to see her keep it on.

I came home just in time Saturday evening to see handsome's team (Florida State) pull another consecutive win for the Noles and now we get to play Oregon in the Championship game! We're big college football fans around here since it's basically the only thing we keep up with.

and this look.. all weekend this girl has been a bit of a handful and I'm hoping it's just because she hasn't been feeling well. We're in a food rut.. she's gotten SO much more picky. I think she ate 10 crackers for dinner last night and some apple slices.. then asked for "coo-ky" (cookies... which I didn't give her. meltdown city) and earlier this week it's been hit or miss with her favorite food, pasta and basically just grapes and apple slices. Please tell me it's a phase!?

On that note wish me luck, we're tackling the post office bright and early this morning! I wrapped all the presents and wrote out all the Christmas cards last night, which means now I can start baking some sugar cookies!


  1. Being pregnant AND sick is definitely no joke!! I hope it passes her pickiness. Cam is THE WORST EATER EVER! He had applesauce for dinner last night. That's it. He's totally content with crackers and a slice of cheese or a piece of toast. I don't get it. He does go through phases, though, so hopefully she just hit one, too!! Have a great week!

  2. You two are totally the cutest ever! I hope everyone is back to being their cheery HAPPY selves today :)

  3. She's rocking the heck out of that headband! LOVE! The pic of you two together on the park bench is my fave!

  4. Just found your blog and your family is ADORABLE!

  5. Ugh! We are all finally on the mend from our colds and they have been miserable... not to mention the fact that they have stuck around for WAY TOO LONG! Ugh! But being pregnant AND sick?! The worst!! I'm so sorry, momma! Hope you're totally better now!
    You girls are SO beautiful!