Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rae babe

I can't even handle this picture. I look at it too long and it makes me all teary-eyed. I mean, that top knot. The smile. Her dad's squinty eyes..  I'm so in love with her. Every little crazy, silly, dramatic thing you do, Rae. 

... the way you take the dish towels and cover Teddi up with them

... your constant need to take random items to bed and nap time

... the dinner time games like making your dad and I shake your hands or when you tell us to "pound" so we pound it 

... how you make us count to three every time before you'll start jumping

... the way you pat the dogs butt's and push them into the kennel and give them their treats before we leave the house

... your caring nature by always asking "you k?" when we're coughing or if we've sneezed

... piggy back rides because Behr chases you and you non-stop laugh

... how you always have to be the one to bring the mail inside and if dad's the one that takes you, you have to hand it to "ma!" 

... the way you love to hug both your dad and I at the same time and you have to make sure our cheeks are touching yours

... how you snuggle in extra close when we read books together 

... the same smirk your dad has when you try and hide your smile

... your mischievous smile

... how you love to watch all the videos I have of you on my phone

... your love for cheese, shredded cheese

... your laugh when you push my hair into my face because it looks messy

and seriously so much more. I love this new fun stage we've gotten into. Sure, some days can still be pretty tough especially when five o'clock rolls around, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. I feel like I don't even scratch the surface when I think about all the new things you're doing. Every new book or just during our day to day conversations you're starting to pick up so many new words and it's so exciting to see you learn new things. You're smart, opinionated, feisty and still so very loving. Your dad and I are so in love with you, Rae. 


  1. What a sweetie...that picture is to do for! She's beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful photo!!! What a little sweetheart!

  3. Our girls sounds so similar!! Too funny, Waverly loves to bring random items to bed, too! ;) Hope you guys have the best weekend!