Friday, December 19, 2014


An all caps title means that we're pret-tay darn excited about it being Friday, and the Friday before Christmas AND we're all feeling like our jolly little selves again!

case and point :) handsome's dad also comes this Sunday which is super exciting because having Christmas without family just isn't the same. We've also been receiving some exciting packages in the mail lately (love this time of year!) one being some homemade vanilla extract from Stefan's nana. I've been wanting to make my own forever and her's tastes so much better than store bought. So naturally, I made some pecan sandies! My first time making them and they are so delicious. I got my recipe from here. Cookies are my jam, I've been eating them with my half cup of coffee in the mornings.

Have you seen these beautiful shoes on insta? They are from Wren's Nest Creations and I am in LOVE. I ordered the pink ones for the babe... and I'm tempted to go back and order the periwinkle too.

Is anyone else already dreaming of summer? I'm not a winter and snow kinda gal, don't get me wrong but sand and salty air is my forever love. Must be the Florida girl in me.. which is exactly where we'll be come August so naturally I'm already thinking of bathing suits and I am swooning over this one big time. We'll talk post baby body later, until then I'll enjoy my cookies.

and lastly! do you love the new blog design? the new URL? I was really hesitant about all the change, but I like it. Something more simplified and personal. 
follow follow follow :)


  1. I LOVE it! I am going to change my URL in the new year too :) I'm just a tad nervous with the switch over! Did you use Go-Daddy?

  2. I love your new design and name! It's perfect! And, I love that everyone is feeling like themselves again...we just ended a few days of the stomach bug. ICK. At least it's over before Christmas week!! I hope you have the best time celebrating!!!!

  3. love love love the new design (and name!) seriously. perfection :)

  4. Beautiful!!! Love the new design and name! When I changed my URL a few months ago, I was a nervous wreck! Looks like the transfer went smoothly because I'm still a follower on Bloglovin'. :) hope you have the best and merriest weekend!

  5. I LOVE the new blog design!! So, so cute!
    XO Kelly