Friday, December 12, 2014

bumps & baking

This is going to be real quick, and it almost didn't happen but I didn't want it to get too quiet around here ;)

We took Rae swimming a few days ago, LOVED IT. She's definitely getting lessons come this spring. and that's my 32 week bump in all it's glory. I still can't believe it I have another eight weeks to go, I'm really trying to embrace the (last) pregnancy but these last few weeks are always tough sometimes. 

shortly after that picture, I chopped all my hair off. hello mom-cut! Stefan and I both love my hair long, and I ultimately cut it to get out all the color (finally!) so no more dying.. which probs won't really happen but at least I'm au natural for now.

and baking with my girl. 
she loved this whole process and consumed raw cookie dough and enough color dyed sugar for the rest of the year, but all in all it was a fun little afternoon. I made sugar cookies with my grandma and decorated them every Christmas and can't wait to make this a yearly thing with my girls. 

I had to hide the container with all the cookies not only for my sake, but also because all I hear is "cooks, cooks" and "more! peas, peasss" also pregnancy brain must have happened because halfway through the first batch of cookies I remembered that you do the icing AFTER the cookies have baked. oops. They all turned out cute, even the ones that are heavy on the sprinkles ;)

happy Friday, friends! It's mission get this sickness outta our house!! 


  1. Hahahaha, I can totally see myself frosting raw cookies, too!!! Ahh. PS You look AMAZING...I love your bump in the bikini!!! We are going to Florida in February, and I am dreading putting on a bathing suit...I need to start doing nightly squats or something. Have a fun weekend!!

  2. Your hair! It's still amazingly gorgeous and lacking any "mom cut" it's seriously so freaking cute!

    And I'm dying over your baking take. Frosting before baking! Oops! But I get it. I didn't know what pregnancy brain was until this babe!

    8 more weeks. Here's hoping it flies by!

  3. Your hair looks amazing, and it is no mom cut... the short that I went is a total mom cut and I'm dying to have my long hair back!!! Haha frosting before baking, I'm laughing so hard!

    Can't wait to 'meet' little Aubrey! :)

  4. Love, love, love the haircut. You and baby girl are so cute - bump and all. I so wish I had Rae here to do some cooking/baking with her. Made 4 batches of rock candy this morning - glad that's over! Miss and love you guys so much.

  5. You look as darling as ever--love the cut! And I actually think frosting on raw cookie dough sounds that weird!!? ;)