Friday, December 26, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas eve and Christmas was everything it was supposed to be... simple. fun. and spent with family! It was our first Christmas in Oregon and  we originally thought it'd be our first one spent just the three of us. Thankfully, Stefan's dad flew in a few days prior and was so nice to spend the holidays with family. We sure missed everyone else back in the south, yay for Skype and FaceTime!

Christmas eve we drove up to the mountain, well technically not all the way up because we didn't have snow chains to make it the full way up so we found an area to park at and let Rae play in the snow for a while. She loved every bit of it and it was every bit of magical. We ate lunch just down the road and afterwards we made friends with the horses giving sleigh rides. We would've been all over a ride, but the wait was two hours. Rae was neighing the whole way home.

Christmas is MUCH more fun with you have kids. I mean, festive breakfasts and watching their excitement as they open up gifts.. it doesn't get any better. We never go all out, a gift or two for handsome and I and a few necessary and fun things for the babe. The girl made out, between all her grandparents and us I'll be hiding some things for a few months ;)


  1. So much fun in the snow!! We really need to take Mia and play in the snow... I mean, we live in it for crying out loud! We've been snow scrooges :) ha ha!
    That festive breakfast is too cute! Sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas weekend!!

  2. Seriously gorgeous pictures!!! You really live in a winter wonderland! Love that she got Lincoln Logs for Christmas! Lily plays with my husband's from when he was a kid and she loves them! Of course, she says she is building castles though. ha!

  3. Wow what a snowy Christmas you had! Beautiful pictures.