Tuesday, December 2, 2014

31 weeks.

I'm over at Vanessa's blog today talking about some Christmas Fashion for your babes. Be sure to check it out and her sweet new baby boy!

baby bumpin' it at the Christmas tree farm with my favorite girl :)

In ten weeks or less (hopefully less) our Aubrey babe will be here! Thanks to almost nightly bowls of  vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies I'm up twenty (probably more) pounds and I even spotted a single stretch mark. Oh the beauty of pregnancy :) I actually really love being pregnant, or at least I did with Rae and this one minus the varicose veins I seem to have acquired this time around isn't so bad either. Thankfully handsome always offers back rubs and foot massages... best husband ever. ever! Nursery progress is well in the works, I have a rug coming in and once I make the journey to ikea I'll do a little sneak peek. Still refusing to buy any maternity clothes, but I'm pretty sure the single pair of jeans that I am squeezing into won't last much longer so next update I'll be singing another tune. and in other news, I attempted yoga again.. surprisingly I did not fall, but I also wasn't able to stay inverted very long. After this little girl comes it is game on to get back into shape. 


  1. I am loving your picks on Vanessa's blog!! And that yoga pose...seriously? You are making me feel so guilty! :) You look GREAT!!

  2. your bump is so cute!!! I love your outfit in that first photo!!! Very Christmassy! :)

  3. Okay so you are amazing! Doing moves that I can't even do while pregnant :) You rock!