Sunday, November 30, 2014

Turkeys and Trees!

Was everyone's Thanksgiving weekend amazing?

We definitely missed having family around, but handsome was off for four days and that is happiness in our house. Neither of us have ever cooked a Thanksgiving meals before and we only did a few sides, plus ham since we were meeting up at a friends house, but man! There's a lot of work that goes into a full spread. Everything turned out great and we're still eating on leftovers so I call that a win!

'prinkles and ice cream with her favorite friend "Mi-lesssss" (seriously, so adorable when she says his name) and the only other picture I got of her below was when she was sprinting all around the driveway before we left. Crazy girl.

I blame it on my mom for my early tree decorating tendencies, but the weekend prior to Thanksgiving we took off to the tree farm to pick out our tree. We've done a real tree every year and I think it'd be a crime not to do so in Oregon, plus its much more fun chopping it down and bringing it home. 

We also took our Christmas card pictures... which I decided to do myself by running back and forth to the tripod. Let just say it's a fun one ;) It was freezing, windy and muddy but we managed to come home with a big ol tree, much too big for the living room so it's sprucing up our kitchen area right now. Rae put the star on top of the tree and totally melted my heart. 


  1. Umm Rae's outfits are to die for! She is such a little doll! You guys picked a great tree and it sounds like you had an awesome thanksgiving weekend! xo

  2. What a perfect weekend!! I'm so glad you got so much time with your hubs and celebrated with friends! Love the tree pictures! I've never had a real Christmas tree... someday, someday!

  3. Seriously the cutest and the best weekend(s)! Trees and thanksgiving and family photos! I can't wait to see your card!

  4. Love the pics, mama!!!!!!!!!! And that dress - just beautiful!

  5. i recognize a scarf on little missy...

    I can't wait to see how your other pictures turn out! Your little family is picture perfect!

    Can't wait to see you guys in errrr... 28 days!!

  6. Great weekend!! Our tree was up before thanksgiving too! But ours is fake - because my dog is allergic!