Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Wow, I'm slacking big time in the blogging world. We're halfway into November and I'm seeing thankful posts up all around social media and I couldn't help but reflect on how much that stud below and I have grown. 

I mean we're parents to one fierce, yet lovable little girl with another babe on the way and to think it all started while he was still stationed in Germany. I spent almost three months visiting him, playing in the snow, sight seeing castles and even getting stranded somewhere in Europe. It was a perfect glimpse of how our lives would be together and I was smitten. Soon after we were engaged, married and I was counting down the days until we would begin our lives in North Carolina. Our families were hesitant, yes, it was quick.. people judged but I wouldn't change a thing. North Carolina we grew stronger as a couple and had our first babe. She's taught us more about ourselves, taught us how to slow down and a different form of love that we never knew we were capable of. We made our first move as a family to Oregon and even though our lives are much more hectic than before, we've learned how to manage.

We've been married a short 3.5 years, but I am so thankful for the man I have married. For all the decisions he has made for our family, for the late nights he stays up working and for always putting our family first. He's supported me through ever decision I have made and there have been countless times he has let me cry and then picked me back up. A few weekends ago and constant prayer, I made the decision to 'give up' on pursuing ultrasound as a career. There's reasons behind it and ultimately I have decided to just choose a career that will better suit my degree. I cried. bawled actually.. and then I saw these pretties sitting on the counter and the sweetest note and drawing from the two who always find a way to put me back together.

For some reason this was such a hard decision for me to make because I love ultrasound, I want to be able to work and help provide for our family, but also I want to be a mom. That will always, ALWAYS come first to me. Raelyn (and soon to be Aubrey) are everything I have always wanted, they've given me the opportunity to be a mother and these first years are so fleeting that I choose to spend my time with them versus working. It's something that I occasionally lose sight of and then later beat my self up over.. the transition to being a full time stay at home mom has made some months a little tight, but I could never justify not being able to see Rae 5 days out of the week. (and hats off to you who DO work full-time. YOU are amazing and I am not here to bash any other mother or your decisions, this is just my personal feeling).

I'm so thankful for this fun loving cuddle bug of a girl and for the love that the Lord has on us. Our little family is all I've ever wanted and my heart feels so full knowing that I have these two. The days are long.. sometimes really long, but the years are short. One day I will pick up where I left off as far as working goes but for now I'll give piggy back rides, read her favorite books over and over again, bake with the babe and camp in the living room for the weekend.


  1. you have the perfect little family and life. so lucky! You have everything you need and God will provide in those tight months. you may think you want a job but you don't...trust me ;) take it from me, you will become tired, overwhelmed, and NONE of your projects will get started!

    btw, your piece of mirror artwork is fantastic! Please tell me you are going to save that for the next few days or weeks! and your tent/hotel...promise me we will camp (indoors) together in that thing! our whole gang! :D

  2. Love this post!! Ya'll are the sweetest family and I love your beginning! Marriage isn't easy, but gosh, it is so worth it to fight for it every day when you are with the right person!! And hello? You obviously make gorgeous babes :)