Monday, November 17, 2014

Raelyn's Wishlist

The weekend flew by, the whole house is still a little under the weather so with our down time I finally got around to making Rae's wish list. This is going to be treated at a Christmas/ birthday list. We're not big into spending a ton on Christmas, usually just a few necessities and then we always donate to a family. There's nothing more special than watching the excitement on your babes face though when she get's to open up presents! 

1. The babe will be starting ballet this coming year!! I am probably way more excited than her, but I really think she will enjoy it. A girl in a tutu makes my heart pitter patter! So leotards, ballet slippers and tutu's are a must. 

2. This back pack is amazing. I came across Swankaroo on instagram (which by the way is my favorite way to find new stuff for the girls) and I am IN LOVE. She partnered with Candy Kirby Designs (another fav babe shop!) a while back and although this backpack isn't sold right now I hear she's doing another CKD print soon. I am eyeing this one big time, it'll be perfect for her "school" days!

3. Books! This is always on the list. Any holiday or event we try and snag her a few books. Especially with Aubrey on the way they will get double the use. Rae loves to read books, she'll bring you several and then read them over and over again. The Les Petitis Fairytales series is our new favorite. We have little red riding hood and it's a before nap time must lately. And of course, the Baby Lit series is also a go-to! Now that we're into counting and our ABC's I'm looking for more books specified for that as well. You really can't go wrong with books. 

4. This is actually already sitting in the closet waiting to be wrapped. After we got Marshall, I knew she would love being able to carry around her own bunny everywhere.

5. I can almost guarantee you this will be a favorite among both Rae and handsome. We wanted to get these last year for her, but ultimately decided she'd enjoy it more this year!

6. Winter gear and accessories! I'm always, ALWAYS shopping for Rae. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm already looking for coordinating Valentine's day outfits for the girls. We have these gold Freshly Picked moccs for her already because most her moccs are too small and they have always been our favorite shoe for the babe and one of the best small businesses I have ever bought from! Girlfriend needs some gloves. She loves to be outside and although I hate the cold, we bundle up for a few to break up our day but her hands are always freezing when we get back inside. Zara has always been one of my go-to stores for Rae. The tights and scarves are all so cute and now that it's chilly for the next few months she'll need some to keep her warm. aaaaand bows! Well, clips really. Again, so many amazing small business shops on IG, we love jumping and jellybean, bub and bug studio, sadie sky boutique  (and so many more!)

I love that Rae's birthday is just around the corner from Christmas so most of this could be saved for then. The babe is usually beside me at all times throughout the day, but has recently been into crafting, flipping through her books and I've even caught her talking to/feeding her babies and stuffed animals lately. I love that her imagination is growing and I try to encourage it as much as possible. 

Who already has their Christmas tree up? We've been itching to do it so this weekend we're going out to get a tree! and decorate! and hopefully family pictures :) Happy Monday, mamas! 


  1. Little girl stuff is so cute! She will look adorable in those winter accessories!

  2. Such great items for her wish list! I'm also looking into the Les Petite Fairytales books - they are so cute and Kaitlyn is so into princesses already. OMG the little ballet classes are The.Cutest.Things! I swear ours is just a grand ol' dress up and photo op for all us moms! The girls just mostly run around.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv