Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray!

I'm over here drinking hot tea like it's my job.. handsome and I are still back to back coughing, but luckily the littlest of the bunch is just a snotty mess. HOORAY for Friday because who doesn't love the weekend?

Real life folks! All because I asked her to hold that birthday sign for our favorite gal pal... don't worry it lasted half a minute and we got a smiling picture to actually send the birthday girl. This face was just too good to pass up though ;)

and while we're at, we received the best little package from said birthday girl mentioned above and we are still smiling over it! She totally gets us and now that it's official we are SO EXCITED to see her on New Years Eve!!! That preggers shirt is so comfy and obvi cats are Rae's 'thing' so the sweater is perfect. She even printed out several prints that I get to use in the babes' rooms and I can't make up my mind which babe gets that kitty friend. I've been searching high and low for Zara's stuffed animals and she picked one up for us all the way from Toronto! Love her! 

Rae is a big dog lover for life, but Marshall is totally her next favorite. She would have kept this bunny in a choke hold for her nap if I let her. 
EEK! I'm probably more excited than I should be about this, but I got tswift tickets for her show in Seattle!! Yay for a girls trip, exploring Seattle since I've never been and an awesome concert! 

and lastly, I am in a blog name RUT. I cannot decide on anything.. the name, whether I want to switch to wordpress.. do I get a premade template.. so many endless choices. I'm honestly thinking about sticking with blogger because it's what I know, but who knows. I know I want 'babes' in the title because it's all we ever call Rae (and Bre).. and that's where I'm at with that haha

the babes + us
justus + the babes

those are my only contenders at the moment.. whaddaya think? happy happy happy friday! 


  1. What about (your last name) babes? Or maybe you don't want your last name in the title? :) I always think about that stuff too... I would definitely stick to blogger but if I ever have another I obviously need to change my URL but I think is just buy a domain on godaddy and just have it hosted on blogger still. For the same reason as you, it's what I know hahA.

    After seeing Rae with the bunny... I'm so sold... Going to work on the husband this weekend ;)

  2. What a fun package to receive!!! And that picture...priceless!! Why would you NOT send that?! :) Haha!! And, TS tickets in Seattle? SO FUN!

  3. TS SWIFT tickets?! lex and i are SO jealous. seriously. so so jelly. i hope you all ditch the cough (and the snot!) ASAP. cold season is officially my least favorite season. . .

  4. JustUs+theBabes looks really cute :)

  5. I agree with Donna so cute!! That goodie gift is great!!!! What a blessing people in our lives can be! Since I am totally into the blogger dates and I live in the Seattle area - I would love to do a meet up when you are here for the concert! And also - would you be interested in writing a guest post for my Toddler Tuesday series? I would love to have you!!

  6. That photo is too cute! What a wonderful package! I love justus + the babes. and where is that wonderful tassel blanket from?

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


    I am still dying from that picture! It kills me every time I look at it. Thanks for the lovely shout out on your blog :) i feel so special! I am glad you like some of the stuff! I cannot wait to see you in NYE! We need a countdown?? HELLLOOO?! SO SOON!

    Oh & my vote is.. JustUs + theBabes

    LOVE YA!!