Friday, November 14, 2014


I feel like I've been going non-stop around the house lately. This time of year excites me more than anything, the decorating, the baking.. the eating, traditions! but heck, I think I'm picking up whatever my husband has and it's leaving me SO tired in the evenings so this weekend is much needed for some rest. 

and here's my weekly ramblings thanks to the sweet girls behind Five on Friday!

My favorite gal pal and I headed out on a CHILLY day for my glucose test (that came back normal-yay!) and she was just the best thing ever that day. We got to break out our knit scarves and now that I know she'll keep it on, we need more! Blumonet on IG is who made Rae's and it's so soft, perfect for the cold weather that's hit us.

I should probably write up a separate post, but I am happy to report that Rae is and has been sleeping in her big girl bed and through the night for a few weeks now. I've gone back and forth on whether or not to move her from the full bed to something smaller, but the babe likes to move around now so I think we're just gonna keep her in the full and get another one for the spare room. It's equally hilarious and adorable how many things she tries to smuggle into bed with her. At least one kitty, her baby, sometimes a book.. maybe her cell phone.. the other day she slept with a receipt in hand. So funny, but I love being able to cuddle up in bed with her when she wakes up now. 

voodoo donuts. I waited twenty minutes for these guys. Why only two you ask, well because they only accept cash and once I got to the cashier they told me the ATM was down. COOL. So I made it out with a vegan oreo one for myself and the bacon maple for handsome.. probably best I didn't come  home with more. 

Pet store outings along with going to the library are two of Raelyn's favorite things to do. It gives us something to do during the week and she asks to hold each and every animal.

& lastly these pretties came in the mail from wildplumco and just in time because I've been getting both of the girl's rooms together this week. I can't wait to hang them up, they are even prettier in person! Happy friday!! 


  1. Rae's little outfit!! Those donuts!! Such a good post, hope you can rest up and regain some strength this weekend! :)

  2. keep the full bed. SERIOUSLY! i love love love that lex has a full bed, and the snuggles are the best!! you just cant get that way in a bitty bed :) plus shes the envy of all her friends with her giant bed! and rae's outfit is the CUTEST! and sugar cheers for normal glucose tests!!

  3. I'm a new follower from the blog hop.

    Your girl is gorgeous!

    I totally feel you on feeling SO busy right now. Today was supposed to be my relax day because of it. Then my daughter talked me in to making gingerbread cookies. Then I realized my nails needed attention. Then her bed sheets. It never ends. lol

  4. I'm loving that scarf. Gonna have to go check out that shop! So cute

  5. Pretty girls! The scarf is so cute on her! Love the hanging weaves!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  6. I am dying to see the girls rooms now that your putting them together!