Friday, November 7, 2014

friday! HOORAY!

Hey Friday, nice to see ya! This guy's on our way back to us and we are WAY excited. Hate when he's gone.. the dynamics of the house go all crazy and I seem to forget how to cook.. good thing pasta is easy to make ;) 

For the past two years I have put up Christmas decorations on November 5th... not this year, this year I have only managed to break out Rae's last year Christmas jammies. Those babies still fit, so guess who's going to be rockin' festive jams for the next two months. These are my absolute fav!!

Are these too much? Could I even wear this pregnant? ... i'm a little obsessed. 

Did you read this post on my nursery inspiration for Aubrey? I danced all throughout the kitchen and maybe even let out a squeal or two when I was able to snag this pretty weave!

I am in loveeeeee! She's even making Rae a custom weave for her big girl room and I seriously cannot wait for these to come in the mail.

and did you see that Tswift announced her tour? Well she's not coming to Portland, but Seattle is close enough and you bet I will be there. A few other mama's are hopefully coming along which means it'll be my first 'girls trip' since Rae (and Aubrey)! Helllooooo long time over due. Now to stalk the computer next Friday and crossing everything in hopes I actually get tickets! 

Happy five on FRIDAY! 


  1. i mean. i vote sparkle pants are a pregnant girls necessity.

    especially when they look as cute as you do pregnant!!

  2. OMG those sparkle pants, I've been eyeing them up too! You could totally rock them! Tswift is going to seattle?! I may have to organize my own little girls trip... that's not too awful far from me!! :)

  3. Those pants are great!! Seattle is my home town!! If it works in your schedule maybe we could have a Blate!

  4. Fingers crossed you get tickets! And, Aria has the same jams. I just found the same ones in her new size. I'd been squeezing her into the 12 months size...the 24 months are working much better now!

  5. Okay, where are those pants from?! I am in LOVE!
    Hope you all had the BEST weekend together :)

  6. Gold sequin maternity pants? Heck yeah! Rock it, girl! :)