Monday, November 24, 2014

For Aubrey Grace

We swore we would only have one babe. You can ask anyone at Raelyn's first birthday.. I laughed when people would ask if we were going to have another baby. Grandparent's would chuckle when we said Rae was it and guess what, they were all so right. God knew we we're ready for another babe and we're SO thankful for his blessings. We cannot wait to finally meet her!!

Funny how when Rae was about six months I started saving all of her "cute" clothes.. you know, just in case. So luckily we have a pretty decent amount of hand-me-downs that Aubrey will be able to wear. It's nice to have other things already like the dreadful pump, the crib, changing pad, paci's (hopefully she follows in Rae's footsteps and doesn't use 'em) etc.

but! for those of you who are asking what to get the newest babe here's a little list of ideas, totally not necessary but equally adorable. I WISH we were going to be close to family and friends for a get together to celebrate, but it's just not in the stars.

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Nursing and baby wearing are probably my top two most treasured moments of being a momma. There's nothing more special than having your babe close to you in those first few months (ahem, always..) the comotomo bottles are supposed to be great for bottle feeding if you're also breastfeeding and since it's important for me to make sure Stefan has just as strong of a bond with our girls, I'll pump so he can bottle feed as well. The solly wrap will be helpful when Aubrey doesn't want to be put down and so I can be hands free! I made most of Rae's "first foods" but I also bought those little pouches for easy traveling. The reusable ones would be so great to plop greek yogurt in for road trips! We ran a humidifier in Rae's room every night up until I dropped it and it cracked so I've been meaning to get a new one for both her and Aubrey. I truly believe in using oils to help with sleep and keep colds at bay. Lavender is our most used, both to diffuse and it's what we use as lotion mixed with coconut oil. But most of all diapers and wipes would always, always be most appreciated! We use Huggies, the Honest Co. and Target brand. I wish I could jump on board with cloth diapering, but that just may be too much for me to handle. Again, Aubrey is pretty much set but these are definitely some options if you just must send her a little something special :) Rae's little wish list can also be found here


  1. What a great list!! I too loved baby wearing, and we cloth diapered for the first year... the initial cost is a bit much but honestly it's not that difficult, I loved it :)

    Can't wait to "meet" baby Aubrey!!

  2. Great list!!! I love all of these things! We tried cloth diapering for about 6 months...we only did it part time but when we used them, it was great. We still throw a cloth on every so often...saves a bit of money on disposables!!! Can't wait to meet baby Aubrey! :) xox

  3. What a pretty little list! I truly believe second (and third, etc.) babes all deserve some shiny new things of their own. We used the little Green Pouches and they're really convenient!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  4. It seems like only yesterday I had babies and now they are 12, 8, & 6. They have come out with some really cool things I wish I had with mine.

  5. I made a lot of Ellie's food too and those pouches would have been so helpful! I still might get some.... I just started clothdiapering and let me tell you it's really not that hard and a pretty easy transition.

  6. I never wore Mia as a babe (I know, crazy!) so I'm really looking forward to having another baby an experiencing that bond! Gosh, I'm so excited for you and so happy that you decided to have more because the world needs more beautiful babes like yours, with amazing parents like you and your hubs!!