Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rae update// 21ish months

Seems like forever since I've done an update on the babe. She's a week over 21 months and I still can't believe she'll be TWO in just a few short months. This girl. She's loves like no other, gives the most squeezable hugs and then in a blink of an eye she'll be on the floor upset at you. She's so independent in a sense that she wants to fill her own cups, eat what mom and dad are eating and don't even think about trying to put her shoes on for her. and then she's still so very much our little girl. She's never far from us and always wants to hold your hand. Almost every morning handsome brings her in bed with me while he gets ready for work and we snuggle under the covers while watching some bubble guppies.

Rae would live outside, more specifically in our front bushes if I'd let her. She loves going out to feed the bunny and take rides in the wagon. I love watching her explore, pointing out all the trees and flowers. She's quite the little tinker and totally gets it from her dad. She'll pick up something and go straight to the jeep or find something to fix. Tinkerbell has still won her heart over, but bubble guppies is a close second now and will take my hand to pull me off the couch and turn the tv on. Silly girl.

Since we've pushed dinner time back to 6-6:15 she's eating SO much better. She still picks pasta and cheese over anything else, but has gotten so much better about eating meat. She used to never pick it up, but lately if were eating chicken she eats it too. Veggies still aren't a huge hit, but that's why we've added this to her milk every other day. I'm almost too scared to type this out because as soon as I put it out there it's all going to go downhill.. but I think we're finally back into a normal groove of things as far as sleeping going. Rae's now sleeping in a full bed on the floor and the only hiccup we have lately is an hour nap vs her normal two, but I think I can handle that! Once I feel comfortable enough I'm going to get a headboard/footboard to raise the bed up.

Brushing her teeth and changing her clothes are our biggest issues as of lately.. and also several tantrums that I've learned I just have to let her work it out. Trying to console her just makes her even more of a frump so if I let her just go they don't last as long. So many new words are popping up in her vocabulary and she is starting to copy phrases we say too. "ss okayyy?" "where'd go" "i dunno" "bunny" are just some of the one's I can think of right now. I am trying to work with her more with numbers and the alphabet, so far we're up to four and then she thinks at five I'm gonna tickle her so she ends up just giggling haha.

Some days can sure be a handful, but she always ends the day with a big squeeze around our necks and multiple kisses and that right there mama's is the best (like I have to tell you that) somedays it's hard for me to think about adding another babe to the bunch, and I start to worry about Rae and the dynamics of our house, but I know everything will be just fine and our hearts will double in size.


  1. She is so sweet, Karra!! Ugh teeth brushing is such a struggle in our house too, well... it was but then I got her an electric toothbrush and she LOVES it! She will sit there "brushing" her teeth for a good ten minutes. I mean, it's probably not the best job but it's better than the alternative (me having to hold her down and brush while she screamed). Toddlers are so dang independent! I love it but find it to be such a struggle at the same time!!

  2. She is just seriously so darn cute! I love all of these pictures! Her hair is at a super adorable stage in growth!