Thursday, October 2, 2014

oh hello, October

Fall is finally here and is welcoming us with some really crisp mornings and sunny afternoons. I've actually held out on decorating the house this year, except for the kitty garland I put up last week and this weekend we will be going to the pumpkin patch to pick up a few pumpkins!

My current and old chalkboard is being occupied with our football team's schedules and I still haven't got around to making a new one, so writing down our fall to-do list on a piece of paper will just have to suffice. I'm sure you all don't mind.

apple picking
bake an apple pie
pumpkin patch for donuts and fresh cider
watch hocus pocus
make homemade applesauce
carve pumpkins
camp out in the living room
pumpkin pancakes for breakfast
& take Rae trick or treating for the first time

Apples and Pumpkins everything! Last year I made a very similar list and I can definitely see these becoming traditions. I've actually never carved a pumpkin and I'm really excited about doing it for the first time. I found a tinker bell template that I'm pretty sure Rae's going to try and carry everywhere. Our costumes are all figured out and I just need to make a trip to Joanns to get some fabric to make Rae's dress.. wish me luck. 

and yesterday we broke out some paint and decorated our tiny pumpkins that Rae picked out at the grocery store. We had so much fun! I actually haven't let Rae paint with her watercolors yet, because she likes her markers so much right now so I've been holding off. So I used some acrylic paint that I already had and let her go to town. 

They turned out SO cute, I can't wait until they are fully dry so I can set them up on the mantle. I love that this was her first artsy crafty project. If they didn't mold I'd probably keep them forever.


  1. We are going to paint mini pumpkiins for the first time this weekend and I'm really excited about it! I'm also impressed you got the mini white ones! I love white pumpkins!

  2. ok. YOUVE NEVER CARVED A PUMPKIN?! your job is to carve like 8 this season. and lex is totally painting pumpkins ASAP. we did it a few years ago and i forgot about it until now :) i LOVE the pics of rae!! the sweetest!!!

  3. I love that you guys paint the little mini pumpkins, what a great idea! I may steal that idea for Scarlett! :) I can't believe you've never carved a pumpkin... I feel like that's a must this time of year. Although we should just paint ours because they rot after one frost and usually don't last until halloween! haha!

  4. Raelyn painting those pumpkins are hands down, the cutest thing EVER! She looks adorbs, as always! I wish I was there so I could join this pumpkin party! I have plastic pumpkins that look JUST like those. I got them from Michael's a long time ago. If you can find them, you should def paint them up for keep-sakes! Give cutie pie an eskimo kiss with a monster laugh for me!

  5. Can't waaaaaaaait to paint these with Mia!! So fun! Also, I just died over her boots! Way too cute!