Wednesday, October 29, 2014

nursery inspiration.

late afternoon post// a little out of the ordinary, but I can't get these fun little gems out of my mind so here we go!

I've finally settled on a color scheme. I really want Aubrey's room to be bright and clean looking. We will be reusing Rae's crib (it was passed down from handsome's sisters, I love the sentimental value it has!) I'm sticking with white sheets and still on the hunt for a fun little pillow. The stuffed animals featured are seen on the zara home kids website and I cannot find a source! It is KILLING me. I love unique stuffed animals/dolls so all the ones they I'm in love with.. but to no avail I can't find them. I've got aubrey's name in my shopping cart from here and I can't wait to decorate them! That "hi" blanket is from yarningmade and those ball lights are from bright labs. You can create your own box of package lights in a string count of 24 or 48 and since I like to have a little light in the nursery for late night feedings I thought these would be perfect. I'm probably most excited for that GORGEOUS yarn tapestry... the shop (@wildplumco) is doing a flash sale this weekend and I just might cry if I don't get this. I'll be setting my alarm, handsome's too. 

Since we will be moving four months after babe's arrival I don't want to get too crazy with hanging stuff on the walls. I'm sure I'll make some sort of tassel garland and I'm still looking for a creme or white shag/fur rug. As far as furniture goes, I'll be using both pieces that were in Rae's room unless I end up selling them and finding a little small pieces. You can see Rae's nursery here. The rocking chair will also be redone... for the third time, but I used that thing like no other so I'm excited about making it something special for Aubrey and I to share. 

and now to get Rae's big girl room all figured out as well :) 


  1. cute stuff. i always love redecorating a room, especially a new nursery. i cannot wait to start trying for baby #2 so we can make another nursery!

  2. So sweet I love all the bright colors! Costco recently had a really nice fur rug for sale ($34). It would look great in there! I was going to replace Scarlett's faux fur from ikea 😂

  3. I love it, especially all of the colors!!! :)