Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Treats!

Kicking off Halloween week with a fun little giveaway amongst myself and a few other mama's! The last one I did for mother's day went so well, I figured these babes could use some other festive treats other than candy... even though I did sneak in a few to our secret person ;) 

We received our package from Kenley and Ashlynn and loved every bit of it! Going to check the mailbox is probably one of Rae's favorite parts of the day, so when she saw that there was a box inside this particular day she couldn't get inside the house fast enough to open it.

That's a bat banner Rae immediately went for and now that it's hung up near our kitchen table she says "tweet tweet" every night at dinner. I was probably more excited to see a book in our gift because I still hadn't bought her a halloween one like I wanted, and llama llama is so cute! 

We still pretty strict on Rae as far as sweets/candy goes so I was pleased to see other goodies for her! The bottle was a hit, she grabbed it and went straight the fridge trying to fill it up with water. I can't wait to see what everyone else got as far as treats go! Were definitely going trick or treating this year since it'll be her first, but I'm either going to send most of the candy with Stefan to work (so my pregnant self doesn't eat it all) or drop some off at a hospital or church nearby!

Thank you so much Erinn for our gifts, I LOVE these swaps, it makes going to check the mail that much more fun and I've always been a sucker for snail mail. Make sure you head over to Words about Waverly to see what's inside this box we put together :) and be sure to check out all the other mama's blogs to see what they got!

Erin// helloerin


  1. Aw so glad you liked it! And I feel ya on the candy, I just started letting Ashlynn have lollipops , deprived child I know.

  2. Thanks again for hosting!!! :) We LOVE our stuff! XO

  3. LOVED this exchange! everyone got the bestest stuff!!!!

  4. Oh this looks like so much fun! What awesome little goodies!!! Ellie and I would love to be included in future exchanges!!

  5. Thank you again for hosting, Karra! It looks like it was a great success, everyone got GREAT stuff!! :) xo

  6. So glad I found you from reading about this swap on Ashley's page! Rae is just too adorable!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  7. These are the funnest goodies! The cup is such a good idea! We sent one in our package as well because we got Mia one at the beginning of the month and she's obsessed!

  8. p.s. Thanks for putting this together! It's pretty clear that this was a smashing success for everyone ;) xoxo

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