Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday FIVE

hip-hip-hooray! one more week until Halloween and I'm crossing all my fingers and toes it doesn't rain on our parade. Pretty sure the rain has officially started here in Oregon and I'm a little sad about it. Especially when I compare it to back home in sunny Florida.

remember how I said I was going to eat less desserts.. oops. and for the record black frosting is a no go from now on. Rae was COVERED in it.

Now that Rae has been doing much better in her big girl bed, I've been big girl bed sheet shopping... I'm still so torn between full on decorating/redoing both the girls rooms since we will only have four months left in this house after Aubrey is born. but knowing me, I won't be able to wait so I'm planning accordingly.. sorry handsome.

Since Rae's in a full it's been a bit more challenging to find something simple and girly enough for out little babes personality. I found one from Target I liked, but I still may go with just a simple coverlet and more decorative sheets. I'm the WORST as picking out bedding. Ask my husband, we spent an entire day driving around for our bedding when we first got married only to pick the very first one's we saw.

these cozy looking mice will happily be on Rae's feet soon and I am now on the hunt for something a little less mice-like but just as cozy.

anndddd braids for the babe! a first and most definitely a favorite.

and lastly can we please talk about how freakin' gorgeous Blake Lively is pregs? I may or may not have watched all of gossip girl, so I may or may not already love her.

happy friday, ladies! We finally carving our pumpkin this weekend and trying to stay dry! A big thanks to these ladies:A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and the good life blog for hosting my fav little link-up!


  1. Those braids!! Love them!!! And Blake can't be human ...

  2. I feel ya on the rain. It's come to Washington for sure! Loving Rae's braids - how adorable! And plus also I'm a huge GG fan as well!!