Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday five!

no better way than to start you're Friday with this kissable babe...

that itty bitty kitty kills me. and so do those cheeks! Last year we got dressed up, went by the fire station to see handsome and called it a night so we're looking forward to being a little more festive this year.

this is usually the scene on Friday nap times.. I study while watching vampire diaries. Although, last week Rae woke up before I could finish so she crawled in bed with me and finished up the episode. 

we ordered this fruit/vegetable powder mix for Rae a while back because we have a non-vegetable eating little girl on our hands. I almost picked up some multivitamins, but decided against it for various reasons and went with this instead. Rae (and I) LOVE it. I was a little hesitant at first because she's never had chocolate milk and I didn't want her to start only wanting that, but it's not an overpowering chocolate taste. I mix it with almond milk and one scoop every other morning. She's so used to drinking green smoothies that I make her, but I wanted a different alternative that offered more vitamins than the normal kale, OJ, banana and berry drink I made her. Plus it's a heck of a lot faster to make ;) There's also a berry flavor that I might order next time just to keep around and add to smoothies!

y'all. we're already half way done Christmas shopping for our family this year, how amazing is that? I'm hoping we can do our Chirstmas card pictures either this weekend or next, all depending on the rain. I have a similar white chiffon pleated skirt like the one pictured below and I'm thinking of pairing it with a black cable knit sweater and a gold belt? Or maybe some plaid.. who knows. but I am super excited about it. 

these jammies on Rae are the best. Her new thing is to follow me into the bathroom, turn off the light and go "woowww" and do a little dance while she's glowing. She's hilarious. and my handsome man, still wearing his high school football shirt.. from seven years ago. What a hunk. I won't lie, I still wear several high school shirts, so comfy. Hope you all have a fun weekend planned!! 


  1. Scarlett was a tutu kitty last year too!! :) Love that skirt paired with a sweater, a black one with a gold belt would look awesome, but if you read my post today you'll know I'm kind of obsessed with plaid this time of year ;) We are hoping to take our Christmas cards too this weekend or next. What are you studying for?!