Friday, October 3, 2014


Raise your hand if you're happy this series is back!! We have a festive little weekend planned even though Autumn has snuck away and brought back eighty degree weather I think we'll enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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Last weekend we made the switch to big girl bed and it started off SO good... Sleeping through the night and nap time was almost effortless. Monday came along and proved to be an overall pretty sucky day. Nap time was almost non existent, but bedtime still went great. Between then and now Rae's discovered she can get off her bed and play with the door which is like her new favorite thing to do so at 3:00 in the morning and that's what she does... For an hour. I don't want to give up on her just yet and I ultimately transitioned her early because we will need her crib for baby A, but I honestly think at 20 almost 21 months it may be too soon. 

So, for now I'm going to soak in all her 'babyness' and set her crib back up and give the big girl bed another whirl in a few months. Hopefully by then I'll be able to communicate with her a little better about actually staying IN bed rather than getting out to play. 

hoodies. LOVE 'em and this one happens to be one that I won on an Instagram giveaway from littlemissmae. It's super soft and I love the charcoal color! I ordered a 2T so we had some room to layer it and I almost wish I would have ordered a 3T so it'd last a little longer. 

SO glad I picked up this little red wagon. Every time we go outside Rae runs to Marshall's hutch, says "hiiiiiii" gives him a kiss, usually asks to be picked up so she can pet him and then as soon as I set her down she climbs in her wagon. It's been our new morning routine. 

have you guys seen wrenn jewelry? I'm looking for a bangle that will have each of the girls' initial on it and this may be what I end up with. My best friend got me a bracelet when Rae was born and I LOVED it, but it's fallen apart and now I'll need one for both the babes. I really love the bangle type versus a chain, I just don't know how well these will hold up and I'm not sure if I'd wear gold everyday. I do love the little gem you can order with it though. I'm almost betting Aubrey will come at the end of January versus beginning of February so they would both have a garnet gemstone. Anyone have another shop they love?

and because I just really love her hair in piggies lately. I have hair envy with her perfectly soft and silky strands! 

happy friday friends! 


  1. Seriously, I'm NOT looking forward to the day that we switch Mia to a real bed. I loved keeping her caged in that crib, ha ha! Have a fun weekend!! xoxo


    1st of all, that sucks. BUT I do love your new bangle idea w/ the garnet :D

    2nd of all, Rae's new sweater is CAA-UTE & looks super comfy. I wonder if they make adult sizes... we all love a good hood ;)

    3rd, have you looked into bed rails for your night crawler?

    &&& LASTLY & MOST IMPORTANTLY, i miss you and Rae so much it hurts. those piggies though....

  3. We transitioned lex at 20 months and it was seemless. So stick with it! Rae is probably just discovering her new freedom and it'll wear off soon!
    Love those bracelets and those piggies!

  4. Those piggies!!!!!!!!!!!! And oh gosh, big girl bed problems. ;)

  5. The pink moccs and piggie tales are killing me!!! Enjoy your fall-fun weekend!!