Monday, October 6, 2014

Apples all weekend.

Rae's love for grapes run deep, but she has been on an all out apple kick lately. Anytime I set her up on the counter to help bake something she goes straight for the fruit basket.

I originally planned to pick pumpkins and apples this weekend, but it was over eighty degrees here and it just didn't seem very fall-like so we're holding off on the pumpkins for another week. Apparently all the apple orchards are picked through all around town so we headed towards Mt. Hood. We're from Florida so anytime we get close to this mountain I get excited.. I mean I can walk out from my neighborhood and see it, but when you're even closer it's so beautiful.

ha. I love that smash face! We came home with close to twenty pounds of apples so applesauce and cider will be made veryyyy soon. That's if we can stop eating all the apples. It ended up being a super long day because we stopped for lunch at a brewery, but it was a great ending to our weekend.

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