Tuesday, September 16, 2014

when it gets crisp in the fall

I love me a good fitz quote, especially when it's pertaining to fall! 

Pumpkins are popping up in all our grocery stores and I'm seeing more and more pumpkin patch signs when I'm driving around. I wanted to do something fun this year and since we actually live near pumpkin farms I got together with a really great place and was able to set up a pumpkin stand to take pictures of families (and Rae!) This past weekend we sweated our booties off (go figure) and took some pictures of Rae so I could make little advertisements. These turned out just as I hoped and by the time we we're leaving we had such great light, love when that happens!


mark my words, one day we will have a goat. It might just be my husbands dream and Rae loved those little guys. 

and because I don't want to do an official babe #2 post, here's the bump in another awkward pose that I still haven't quite figured out how to do? I'm 20 weeks and definitely feeling like I smuggled one of those pumpkins in my belly. Monday's the day, so keep your fingers crossed we get to find out if new babe is a he or a she! 


  1. Awwww, this is too cute! I can not wait until we do something like going to the pumpkin patch. Ps- you look adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh, these are perfect!! Seriously, cutest photos ever!
    I totally love goats! I know, it's so weird, but I think they are so cute! I'm taking Mia to a farm next week so hopefully they have some goats and I can show them to her, ha ha!

  3. A GOAT?! Just us , eh? I think its time you come up with a new blog name ;) but most importantly, pumpkin princess & your little pumpkin seed bump are adorbs!! Love the pictures & the sun flowers! Can't wait to see your pumpkin patch pics & for MONDAY! AHHH!!

  4. these are THE BEST!!! seriously, they are so so cute. and i LOVE your pumpkin belly its so little and perfect!!

  5. Oh, Fitz! :)
    Love all of your photos! Rae is such a doll! And that little pumpkin you're caring is the cutest. ;)