Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Fun

Friday our favorite made his way back home from San Diego and I so wish I would've thought to record Rae's reaction to seeing handsome again. Sometimes it's hit or miss with her, either she will totally light up or she'll act shy.. but y'all, she saw him from so far away and took off running after him. It was THE cutest thing. So glad to have him home, we all function much better as a trio.

Marshall got a new home and is throughly enjoying all the kale and carrots Rae insists on feeding him every time we bring him inside. I was a little hesitant while Stefan was gone to keep Marshall, but now that he has a more permanent home and the dogs have chilled out I think he's a keeper. 

also, please note Rae's shirt. It was my old Bob Marley shirt and I kind of love that it fits her.

If you've been around for a while you know that we're from Florida, so in this house we root for the Florida State Seminoles and the Florida Gators. If it we're up to my husband we would all be FSU fans, but I have to keep it interesting, at least when we play each other at the end of the season. I gave in and instead of trying to find outfits that how with both teams, Rae is full on Seminole. Insert a very happy husband here. Maroon and gold look so good on her and that headband was the perfect addition to her outfit this weekend. They pulled off a very ugly win, but they did it. 

Sunday I took Rae to the air show to meet up with handsome. He had to be there for most of the day and while we were walking around we found this guy.

and now all of my husband's dreams have come true. I so wish Rae would've let him hold her, but there was no way that would've happened haha. 

& TODAY. Today we find out what this little babe is and we're all way too excited. Rae even woke up early today because she's so excited... coffee, cheerers and bubble guppies are currently going on as I type. Happy monday friends!!

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