Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Four Day Weekend

Rae and I are definitely sulking today.. we miss our handsome being home and were totally up for another four day weekend, like asap.

We may have forgotten all of Rae's food, but camping went amazing. Luckily the little store up the road had some macncheese for the girl who only eats pasta.. but she definitely wouldn't have complained if all she ate was trail mix (sans almonds, she gives those to the dogs) and grapes. We are definitely going to make this a must do at least once a year. We explored, played in the creek, giggled in the hammocks, Rae partied with us way past her bedtime, slept like a rock in the tent and woke up the next morning to stomp in her rain boots. It was such a fun experience! 

Leggings are from Alpine Baby Co and we loveeeee them! I can't wait until she launches her fall line!
We left just as the rain started to come in and Rae and I pretty much passed out as soon as we got home. The rest of our long weekend was pretty relaxed. We did some DIY projects that I'll be sharing later on, a little grocery shoppin, took some evening walks and hit up the Nike employee store since handsome had a pass to get in. Talk about crazy. That place was packed! Everything is fifty percent off and we still spent close to $300 dollars, but mama came home with some new kicks along with some other goodies. 

I'm so happy to see September on the calendar, especially if it stays in the 70's during the day and cooler in the evenings. Perfect sweater weather! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Such a fun weekend!! I love Rae in her little rain boots camping--
    Seriously SO CUTE!!

  2. Such a cute little camper!! Pretty awesome she slept like a rock too.