Sunday, September 14, 2014


We said we we're going to keep this weekend pretty low key and just hang out as a family since handsome is going to be away for a few short days.

I've secretly declared Sunday's as nap day while Rae naps, instead handsome and I start talking bunny talk. We talked, talked ourselves out of it, talked some more and by the time Rae woke up from her nap we we're on our way to pick up a bunny.

You know, all for Rae.

I blame Jess and her adorable pictures of Sadie and Waylon ;)

Everybody, meet Marshall.

So far Rae is tickled to death if she sees his nose scrunch up and down and she just wants to pick him up all the time. We're working on proper holding techniques because his little nails are sharp and I don't want them to scratch her all up. She thinks she can lay all over him like her pups so "gentle" and "be nice" have been on repeat. The dogs keep licking their lips when we let them near each other. I highly doubt they would eat him, but I also don't want them to scare the poor guy so we're just letting them interact a little here and there. Marshall is the perfect little guy to add to our crazy little bunch. 


  1. Yay!!! Im so excited you finally got one! That pic if her carrying him cracked. me. up! He must be a good boy if he tolerated that! Their nails do get super sharp...Waylon has scratched me a time or to just hopping down off my lap. I found out that the best/easiest way to trim their nails is with a large pair of regular nail clippers...not the pet nail clippers from a pet store. The regular ones are easier to hold and way less awkward. The lady we got way long from Recommended trimming his every month or so, especially with Sadie around. I CAN'T WAIT to get bombarded with cute Rae + bunny pics! Eeek!

  2. omg. this is the cutest thing EVER!!!! BUNNY!!!

  3. OH DEAR! I literally busted out in a HA! when I saw that pic of Rae choke holding poor Melv. Yes, I am still calling him Melvin aka. Melv aka Melvie aka Mel B? Rae reminds me of Elmyra from Looney Toons squeezing on little animals. She's an animal lover just like her Aunty :). Also, Melvie looks so fluffy & cute no wonder the dogs want him as a chew toy. random thoughts are over.