Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little things & ramblings.

Total sap fest over here and missing this babe.

It's day 3 over here without handsome around and things are pretty smooth sailing.

I've been able to take really hot showers (because he always turns it down), eat more cinnamon rolls for breakfast than I'd like to admit, and sleep on his side of the bed (always more comfy).

but man, I miss that guy. and so does Rae! I closed the garage door before bedtime last night and for the next few minutes all she did was shout "DA! DAD! dad?" so cute. FaceTime helps.. the girl loves her dad and I don't blame her.

We're missing mornings like this

a whole lotta cheesy eggs, french toast and fruit. and coffee! Coffee isn't the same without him and my feet get cold in the middle of the night because I can't tuck them under his. and Rae totally misses their play time before bed. I can't get down on the ground with her as much as he can, so she resorted to picking on Behr (our male boxer) last night... so many giggles. 

but 2 more days until Friday! Loving my girl time with Rae though, thankfully she's been pretty easy going, but I am definitely ready for bed as soon as I lay her down. This mama has zero energy lately and I'm thinking it's not only due to this little babe I'm cooking, but lack of exercise. I should really start walking... or something other than eating ice cream every night. Which we stopped last week, it was getting out of control.

and because this post isn't already all over the places, some scenes from last week and this week. I feel like the past week she's grown a foot and her hair is always in her face. We usually go through at least four bags of grapes a week, but mangos are quickly becoming a favorite also. Yay for half way through the week, say a prayer that I don't strangle my dogs before Stefan get's back.... they have yet to get used to Marshall and it's giving me serious bunny remorse. 


  1. Hurry up and come Friday!!! Enjoy the girl time in the meanwhile. PS> What will you call your blog when the new little one comes along :-)?

  2. oh my goodness, I have a traveling husband too and our days without him sound just like this! it's tough stuff, isn't it! congratulations on your sweet new baby bump! excited for you to find out what you're having! i need to go find you on IG sweet mama! let's be friends!

  3. Aww! I hate when our daddy is gone too! Sign of a good marriage I think!