Thursday, September 25, 2014

If we were having coffee together..

If we were having coffee together we would probably be at one of the local little coffee shops. Or we might be in my home and I would probably give you the cozy snowflake mug because it makes me happy.

I'd wanna know what you've been up to! How you, your babes, fur-babes, job, everything is going and what fun you've got planned for the fall festivities! It's been forever since I've had any real talk other than with my almost two year old (and husband) and I'd love to know what's going on in your world.

I'd show you the latest garland I've made because I'm kind of obsessed with it. If you have Christmas lights your itching to pull out already like me, than this is a quick nap time craft.

I'd tell you how discouraged I've been with the career path I hope to have. Photography and ultrasound are both passions I love, but I just can't seem to focus on either. I'm currently studying(ish) for a physics board to it'll open up more opportunities in the ultrasound job market. As much as I want to be able to help out my family, I'm so fortunate to be able to spend my days with Rae. Handsome works so hard to provide for us and we are so thankful for that. So, all in God's timing. He has a plan and I have to remind myself of that. We're halfway through our 30 day Bible challenge and it's really opened my eyes to how good our Savior is. 

and if you haven't already heard, I'd also tell you we're expecting a second little babe. A girl, and her name is Aubrey. We're still over the moon and I finally opened up her journal to start writing in it. Something I hope she (and Rae) treasure forever. 

I would probably get overly excited about telling you how much I can not wait that all my tv shows are about to start back up. Vampire diaries, Greys... you know, things to watch while the babe sleeps.

I'd also probably show you this picture because it's basally how each afternoon goes. Everyone attacks handsome as soon as he walks through the door and even though he looks less enthused in the picture, he loves it. Behr has lately forgotten the no dogs on the couch rule.. Teddi is always begging to be touched and Rae is always somewhere in the mix of it all. 


  1. Aww! I didn't know you guys were expecting a second! And another little girl?! Congratulations! When is your due date?! I hear you on the career path... I'm torn between pursuing my photography and working more at the hospital. I love being a nurse I'm just not sure if my passion is there anymore or if it's just comfortable, you know? Plus I'm still paying for my nursing school lol

  2. I like how you organized this post to be if we were having coffee! Cute concept. I hate feeling in a rut so I hope you start to feel better about your career path.