Monday, September 29, 2014

farmers markets and wagon rides.

I really need to get on my "fall favorites" list because pumpkin patches are opening up everywhere and the apple orchards are all about to start their big festivals. I had originally planned to be shooting some pumpkin fall mini's but as the world has it.. no ones interested? Talk about bummer. So I'm chalking it up as people don't really want pumpkin pictures.. so I'll give Christmas tree mini's a whirl and see how that plays out.

I'm officially on the look out for Christmas gifts and I really love getting people something personal that means something rather than just a gift card somewhere so I'm starting early! The farmer's market is always somewhere we try to go for gifts because we get to shop local. We left with some fresh chocolate milk and a few other goodies! I reaaallllyyyy wanted to grab some apple cider and a pumpkin or two, but I want to make my own cider first and go to the actual farm for a pumpkin. So tempting though!!

I stopped by a consignment shop last week sometime and came home with some dresses that will be really cute dressed up for the holidays. It was right at $30 and those minnetonka's cost that alone brand new. Ain't no shame in saving a dollar here and there, especially when this mama isn't currently working. 

aaaaand I also came across this pretty red wagon on Craigslist and knew we had to jump on the deal. 

I thought about slapping a big bow and saving it until Christmas, but that obviously didn't happen and Rae is in LOVE. We went on a walk with the pups, she drank a smoothie and didn't fuss one bit. It'll come in handy when we are apple picking next weekend!


  1. We have those boots-- and they were def more than $30. So you got a major steal!! I love it!! I'm so jealous you're all dressed for fall!! I can't even think about pumpkins because I'm stuck in tank tops!

  2. Those boots are for sure a steal!!! Lucky you! And Rae looks so big in these pics...time is flying!!

  3. Too bad we don't live close... I would totally do a pumpkin mini sesh with you!
    What a great weekend! Awesome find... I would love to get one of those little wagons for Mia!

  4. oooh I love a good deal. AND the classic red wagon. So cute. Man, apple cider sounds so good right now. I've been wanting some mini pumpkins for my window and I haven't found a single one yet. I guess I'll wait for the 'patches' to open up.

  5. I would do a pumpkin session with you!!!! ;). Love your finds!!