Thursday, August 28, 2014

New hair & chalk love

Let me start off by saying that my husband is the cutest. The new job he's at now has major benefits like being able to be at home every night unlike when he was a firefighter, but it also has some drawbacks that we're still working out the kinks to. We've kept a journal to each other for quite some time now and we often leave post it notes all around the house for each other.. it's been our "thing" ever since we first started dating while he was still stationed in Germany and I love it. I think it's so important to still date when you're married and even moreso when you start having kids. For the lack of time in general & me not working it's been tougher to surprise each other with those little gestures so it was SUCH a nice surprise when I came home from my hair appt. to find sweet sidewalk chalk art by Rae (and handsome)

I had the biggest smile when I started to pull in the driveway. He's the best and if you're wondering Rae now calls me "MA!" like.. "MA! The meatloaf" it's the cutest.

aaaaaand because I'm sure you're already on the edge of your seat, here what four inches shorter plus some layers looks like..

unless you follow me on IG.. then you've already known ha. It used to be this long and in this picture you can't really tell, but I had really light ends from when I red ombre'd it a while back and it needed to be gone. Hoping that it'll grow back fairly quick because I miss my length, but it's so much healthier now. 


  1. Cutest couple ever! And you look gorg!!! :)

  2. That's so sweet! I LOVE the hair!! I'm sure it feels so much lighter!

  3. Such a beautiful fam! And your hair is perfect! I have the same problem over here I need a cut!! But it always feels "SO SHORT" regardless of how much they cut! It looks so pretty!