Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little Things: happy mail day

I have been craviiiiing fall and much earlier than I usually do. I have two halloween costumes narrowed down for Rae, totally ready to burn the pumpkin candles and ready to break out all my cozy sweaters and read under a blanket. This also means some fall shopping for the babe. I have a few expected packages coming our way and we got our first one from Zara yesterday. I am so in love with this shop, I wish we had one nearby.

//1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

It's so true when they say that you only shop for your littles when you have kids. I am on the lookout for chunky, comfy cardigans (obvi to keep the bump warm) and can't find anything I really love so I'm holding off until fall actually does arrive. The only thing I haven't purchased from above is the Hunters, but I thought I'd wait a little longer so my husband didn't totally freak when he saw all the boxes coming through the mail. 

I love our girl time together. Whether that's spent at home painting our nails, playing outside in the pool or going to the pet store to see all the animals. The past week has been so much fun for the both of us, you're definitely playing more and we have the best time together. I am so blessed to be your mama, Rae. You fell in love with a gerbil yesterday and as always loved looking at all the pups. You'd take my hand and pull me in every direction to see the hamsters, the "kitty-kitty-kitties", the "dogs!" and then back to the gerbil.. I so wish there was a bunny because your dad and I secretly want to get you one so bad and have to talk each other out of it almost on a weekly basis. It's a good thing you can't ask for one. I love you babe. All your little things are always going to be big things to me and I couldn't imagine it any other way. 


  1. Oh girl....that is the SWEETEST collection of clothing you put together there! I went straight to the Zara site, and I'm so bummed they don't have that puffy vest for a 6 yo. And that cat dress, which I hoped was a sweatshirt......I die. ;-)

  2. Such cute fall goodies!! I love Zara. Isn't the pet store such a fun outing? Aria loves looking at all the animals.

  3. lex need that kitty shirt in her life. NEEDS!