Monday, August 11, 2014

happy mondays

Our weekend was beautiful and so very needed. I mean look at this view.. 

We headed to a different part of the coast we haven't been to yet and Rae took her first hike by herself without being in her hiking carrier. She loves to be outside and now that she's more capable of walking on her own (although she did hold my hand the whole way up) it's so much fun watching her explore and her notice her surroundings. We we're halfway up and she looked down and just "oohhh'd and wowwwww'd" it was the cutest thing. We made it all the way up to this lookout where we could see Indian Beach and The Three Arches. The trail actually led down to the beach, but we didn't go the whole way and decided to head back down and have a little picnic. 

The past two Sunday's we almost haven't made it to church. Rae's been sleeping in until 7:30 sometimes a little later and I am lovingggg it. Thankfully our church is amazing and serves coffee so we rushed out the door with our bagels in hand and made it to a really great service and Rae had a blast in the nursery as usual.

Food carts from Portland came out in the afternoon for the evening service, so we grabbed some sliders and fries and worshiped outside. It was an incredibly gorgeous day out and Rae loved being able to run around and point at all the dogs. We're so lucky that our church is less than two minutes from our house and when we do decide to try and find a different home in town hopefully we can stay in our area because it does offer so much. I hope everyone is having as great of a Monday as possible, with some strong coffee :)


  1. such a perfect weekend! and hiking by herself?! what a big girl!! i LOVE IT!!!

  2. Perfect weekend!! And sooooo gorgeous! Can we just trade places?! OR better yet, I'll come visit you and then you come visit us in Utah :) Seriously, I would LOVE to live by the ocean!

  3. Whoa! These pictures are breathtaking! & THOSE PIGTAILS :)