Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friday

Who doesn't love Fridays? Tonight we're getting Thai food and that's pretty much the only thing on my mind. The only bad thing about moving to a new place is not having all your fav restaurants picked out, although I guess that could be a good thing too? Either way I'm totally excited over it.

Let's kick off this Friday Five!

I have nothing planned for this weekend.. haven't even checked the weather. Maybe a trip to the mountain or to the coast. If we stay close by then we're definitely going to the farmer's market. It's one of my favorite things about this place. We usually don't leave with much, but last weekend we grabbed a peach lemonade and some lunch and had a little picnic by the fountains.

I'm going to be so sad when the summer market ends.

Jeepin' it! This is easily one of Rae's favorite things to do.. as well her her dad's. Everyday when handsome pulls in the driveway we typically greet him in the garage and Rae runs to him and begs to go for a ride. It's the sweetest thing and I love that they have that time together. If this love of hers lasts until she's sixteen you better believe her and handsome will be working on a jeep of her very own when she's ready. 

Cooler evenings are happening around these parts and it makes my fall loving heart just flutter. I found myself looking at all the fall candles at Bath and Body Works the other day, but held off because I'm still burning through my honeysuckle candle and I'm tempted to buy five more for next summer just in case they don't bring it back. I love it that much.. but seriously, these are calling my name. 

Rae is growing out of all of her summer sandals and even some of her moccs so I've been keeping an eye out for some new kicks for the babe.

These actually came home with us yesterday! I LOVE me a good pair of cowboy boots, I can't wait to get her in these. Once we know the gender of babe #2 a pair of Hunter's will be purchased.. but I'm waiting to see if a pink pair or a green pair (you know, so babe #2 could potentially wear them too) 

& lastly, I'm way too excited to participate in the weekly #documentinglifechallenge via IG brought to you by @helloerin, @jennycollier and @lvdmorethncrrts. Hopefully I do better at this than blogging lately.. I don't know how I'll keep up when there's two littles running around, but so many of you awesome moms totally rock at having two babes so I'm staying optimistic ;) 

Happy Weekending, loves!


  1. You and me girlfriend. We shall rock número dos and rock the challenge :)