Monday, August 25, 2014

four more days until the weekend!

Is it bad that I'm already counting down to Friday? We stayed pretty low key this weekend. Normally we go on a hike or use the weekends to explore, but I think we all needed a quiet weekend to recharge. Friday and Saturday we're going on our first camping trip with Rae and the pups and were SO exited about it, fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a disaster :) Hope everyone had the best weekend!

morning walks have been the best because we get to pick blueberries, little apples and even some grapes. 

saturday we walked around the farmer's market and grabbed some breakfast. Rae ran right up to the sunflowers and started smelling them, the cutest. 

doing their special thing and riding around the block in the jeep.

and then we spend Sunday evening at the last outdoor church service. The weather is to die for in the afternoons here, the perfect time of day and all the room you could imagine to let Rae run out all her energy.

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