Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY table makeover

I've been meaning to post this forever and since I'm finding excuses not to study now is the perfect time to share Rae's table makeover!

The table and a few chairs were given to us by handsome's nana. It's been used by handsome as well as his sisters and brother so it's super sentimental. I don't have before pictures, but it was just plain wood. I color block themed it with yellow, light purple and some gold. I figured the table would be used downstairs and wanted it to mesh with the other colors we have in the living room.

She loves to draw a lot lately and when she doesn't decide to spill her crayons all over the floor she likes to color, too. The chalk board I used to draw on is now hers so her chalk is out just in case she feels the urge to make pretties on that. She 'nacks and bangs on the window at the dogs most of the day but I'm glad she has her own space to sit at.


  1. I love how it turned out and what I love even more is that it has sentimental value...that makes it so much better than something from ikea! ;-) she is just precious, too! Love you guys!

  2. Love this! I can't wait for coloring days. Little miss over here is still not that interested. But I'll patiently wait since I'm always telling time to slow down. ;) Can't wait to get a little table like that though. :)

  3. Love the table and the sentimental value of it. I also am loving that crayon holder! Very nice!