Friday, August 15, 2014

Coffee, please!

Two, yes two.. (don't judge) cups of coffee and almost three hours later I think I'm awake. Rae has been  in an early bird gets the worm kind of mode this week. I am certainly not that bird.. I'm more of a wake up slow and be lazy kind of bird ;) oh well, happy Friday friends!

New game of the night is running back and forth to dad saying "come here, come here, come here" hand motions and all.

loving that she is starting to carry her kitties everywhere, it's a rare sight to see her without one of them. and clearly all hair ties and hair clips get pulled out by the end of the day.

Timehop woke me up with this little gem: so. much. cute.
those cheeks and leggings and her itty bitty-ness!

our mornings have been sixty degrees and gorgeous so we've been spending them outside drawing pictures of our future camping trip, eating a lot of grapes and singing along to disney pandora and john mayer

dark chocolate & peanut butter cups, these babies are better than Reeses. 

happy weekending! we're hiking and waterfall hunting tomorrow!


  1. oh those mornings sound perfect! Disney songs, drawing and awesome weather!

  2. That peanut butter cup looked amazing! Did you make those?