Saturday, July 5, 2014

Parfaits of the red, white and blue variety

Let's all just pretend this was posted on Friday when it was intended to be posted... my lack of blogging is truly blamed on the chaos that goes on in my house and my lack of energy. Forgive me, I'm growing a baby :)

Breakfasts around here are usually pretty fast and simple. Especially when the babe wakes up at 5:30, I'm still in zombie mode trying to get her something to eat, because this little girl demands a breakfast. Me.. I can usually skip it, but not when I'm pregnant. With Rae I used to only feel slightly nauseous if I didn't have something to eat in the mornings, this time I'm nauseous almost all the time so breakfast is a must. 

This yogurt, berry filled deliciousness is super easy to make and you could probably even make it the night before in a mason jar, seal it and grab it in the mornings if you don't mind soggy granola.

 I in fact do not like soggy granola, so I make mine in the mornings

//vanilla greek yogurt
//berries of your choice
// i made a strawberry jam (i.e blend up strawberries and add chia seeds)
// nonsweetened coconut flakes

layer however you prefer, add some fresh fruit, top it off with some granola, chia seeds, more fruit, chocolate chips--whatever you like really and boom breakfast is served.

i usually end up sharing mine and by sharing I mean she eats most of it and I'm sneaking a banana afterwards :)

happy july 5th, hope everyone's Independence Day was filled with lots of vitamin D, some cold ones, good food and family! 

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