Monday, July 28, 2014

Oneonta Gorge

The gorge has been at the top of our must see list since we first moved to Oregon. It's pinned all over Pinterest and it surely did not disappoint. 

This was located along the Columbia River and there are SO many places to explore around this area.. in the four years we will be here we probably won't even get to see it all. It's only an hour away & definitely worth the trip.

The hike itself is probably less than a mile, so it's fairly easy for you to get back to the waterfall. The log jam was the hardest part and makes it a little difficult for small children or even dogs. The logs can get pretty slippery, especially when wet and you have to maneuver yourself across so you don't fall into the water below you. 

ugh. blurry picture, but it's one of my favorite. Rae loves to be carried in her little pack and she said "wowwww" and "wataaa, waterrrr" the whole time we were going through the gorge. 

let me tell you about some FREEZING cold water. This was what I was most nervous about, because I hate being cold and you definitely have to trek through some water.. at this point it was knee height and a little further down we get to the point where you have to swim across.

Handsome braved the water first so he could bring the carrier and Rae through the water. There was no way we were letting her go through the water because of how cold it was. When I finally went through it took my breath away and it was almost painful, but it was only 15-20 feet so it's definitely doable and once you're out it's not so bad, especially if you're not wearing clothing that sticks to your skin. The water went chest high on handsome and up to my chin on me.. poor Stefan went through six times. 

I'm all up for Rae experiencing mother nature and all her glory, but little girl also gets sick real quick when she stays cold/wet for too long so she only ran around by the waterfall for a few minutes before she started shivering. So we snapped a few pictures and braved the freezing water again.

when you finally make it to the waterfall there's an area you can swim in (we obviously did not) maybe if it was warm, but nonetheless it was still gorgeous. 

as you can see by the time we we're leaving there were so many more people coming, so glad we decided to go earlier in the day! 

on the way back handsome slipped on a rock and definitely went under.. it was a little scary obviously because stefan went under, but also because I was worried Rae would go with him. Thankfully he grabbed her by her shirt and raised her as high as he could when he slipped. They both made it out okay :) 

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