Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's the Little Things [sundays]

First of all, thank you for all the sweet comments on our exciting news! We're over the moon excited for this next journey as a family.

It's been four months since we've made our long journey to Oregon and I can finally say that we're all settled in.  Besides our teeny tiny of a backyard we love the location of our home and are growing fondly of all the outdoor adventures that await us. We know all the best sushi restaurants, jamba juice is right up the street, where the best splash pads are and found a church that we just adore.

My Sundays used to start off with yoga at lulu, but I haven't been able to go because the times got switched up and now they do it during the time we go to church. As much as I LOVE, love, love going to yoga there church has become one of my favorite aspects of the week with my family. I get to worship with my handsome and Rae is getting to socialize with other kids her age. We drop her off while we're in service and just now started picking her up right before it ends so she can listen to the music with us. It just melted my heart having us all together and singing about His love.

Our faith has grown leaps and bounds and it's all been done together. We both have people in our lives who are very close to Christ and have pushed opinions and beliefs on us and at the time we were less accepting. As handsome and I have grown older, had Raelyn.. we've become enamored by His beauty, by His blessing and are still learning and growing in our relationship.

God really speaks to me through his creations.. the mountain that I drive past every morning.. the crashing ocean and the gorgeous sunsets, the beauty in Raelyn's eyes.. her innocence.. and her one tiny dimple.

It's breathtaking, everything was created by Him and it always makes me stop in my tracks and just appreciate how beautiful and blessed we are. I believe that God knows us all differently and so He speaks to us in those ways. I love how he touches my life and I love when handsome tells me his thoughts and what he believes. Bringing Rae into service for the last few songs at the end of service almost bring me to tears.. I mean, I could pretty much look at her and she brings me to tears.. listening to handsome sing to her and having just us three together warms my heart. Sundays are really starting to be my favorite days of the week. Family is everything to us, our marriage is so deeply rooted and I'm so grateful for the husband I have. Three years and not a single fight (that's annoyingly true and I'm pretty proud of it) Rae and now our soon to be little babe are everything we've ever hoped for and it's all thanks to Him.


  1. This is so beautiful :) you are so blessed... Such a beautiful little family! I'm glad you've found faith xo

  2. So touching! I'm so happy you guys have found a church & Rae gets to play with other kids. We all have had some rough chapters in our lives & I'm so happy & proud of where you are & all your beautiful blessings. Well done, mommy. Love ya xx

  3. Very encouraging to hear how God has drawn you and your marriage closer to him(: God loves his creation. So happy you're getting to experience it because it's the best. lovelovexos