Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's the Little Things [raising a daughter]

Having a daughter has spoken to my heart in so many ways. Handsome and I always talk about how we will both be torn to pieces when someone hurts her heart. Whether it's kids being hateful, high school drama, or even a boy. It's bound to happen and she will grow and learn from those experiences. I just pray that we teach her that the thoughts of others do not define her. The hateful things people may say about her are just a reflection on their own heart. I've been there.. I've most definitely been apart of typical high school drama and I've said my fair share of hurtful things, things that I am not proud of. Thankfully, I've grown up.. I watch what I say especially because I have Rae and I want to set a good example. As Rae grows up I want her to be able to voice her opinions and speak of what she believes in, to be tasteful and cherish the people and friendships along the way.

I came across this article and just loved it, it's tied into feelings I've certainly felt before and how social media can certainly be hurtful in terms of unfollowing and deleting people for how you feel in your heart. I love the overall idea of social media, being a military family it allows both of our families/friends to keep in touch and see pictures and videos of Rae pretty frequently. For the most part I have the same circle of friends since middle school and it's been a blessing to see each of them grow up and start their own lives. Handsome moved around a lot while he was little and didn't really accumulate a close knit group of friends which makes me even more thankful for the ones that I do have. That is something that I hope Rae finds when she is older.. lifelong friendships. The ones that stick with you though the good and the bad, through being a new mother and moving away... but I also hope that she knows when to un-plug.. to get outdoors and explore.

I pray that Rae loves adventure, to explore, to find the simple little pleasures in life. It's so important for us to get her outside, take her camping, on hikes and experience everything God has given us. We have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children our love for this Earth, to tell our stories and to be together as a family. These are the moments when the world is made whole. In my children's memories, the adventures we've had together in nature will always exist and to see new places, even though the path isn't always easy.

Raising a daughter has taught me so much about myself and she truly makes me want to be a better person. The little things like the way she loves, when she pulls me in real close by the neck, her unexpected hugs that she gives her dad and that irresistible giggle that only her dad can get out of her. One day she won't be so small and I cherish this time we have watching her grow and helping her experience life.


  1. Stopping by from the link up. As the mom of two girls, I totally understand and love this post. I want strong, fierce adventurous girls but I want them to be kind and compassionate as well.

    Come by and say hi

  2. Gorg fam. I can't wait to raise a daughter!

  3. this is such a sweet post! i love it!

  4. Awww... Life is way too precious for petty stuff especially social media drama. Others hateful opinions don't matter as long as you know your truth & heart :) I will always cherish our friendship & know we will always be there for each other no matter what. You set a wonderful example for Rae. Plus, she's not even 2 yet & look at all the unforgettable scenery & adventures she has done. This will add so much to her character & she will love you for it one day! Well done, Mommy!!

    Can I get a few snaps?? - Keepin' up with the blog ;)