Friday, July 11, 2014

it's FRIDAY!

helllllllllo weekend, we've been waiting for you.

old news, but a month or so back the mister and I went and got tattoo's for our anniversary. 

I went with a calligraphy font from cbrannendesign on Etsy and LOVED how it turned out. I wanted something delicate and nothing too flashy, but also something that I could see everyday. I can't wait to add baby L or baby E below it once he/she is born. I also got a tiny seashell on my ankle and handsome got a pocket watch with the date and time Rae was born with two roses on his chest. 

last weekend we were able to spend a few days with my cousins from Colorado and I'm already missing them like crazy. It was SO nice to be around family and especially them because they finally got to meet Stefan & Rae. It's so crazy to see Jesse and her sisters grow up into such smart and talented girls, I still remember all of us playing at the beach when we were babies.

Jess played in a basketball tournament and kicked butt the whole time. 

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep up yoga.. at least the inversions which are my favorite, but now that I'm feeling almost back to my normal self I'm going to get back in the routine of things. You should've seen us trying to nail this pose, so many giggles.

the whole house is fighting some sort of bug, handsome and I have a tickle in our throat and Rae is stuffy--again. I'm wondering whether she may or may not have allergies? Either way I do not like seeing my babes down and out.. 

so in hopes to cheer us all up we made some cupcakes because I hear that cures any sickness ;) 

happy Friday, friends! 


  1. Babes on counters helping in the kitchen makes me long for bigger counters, ha. There is just about nowhere for Aria to sit and help, so she stands on the chair. I hear that about cupcakes too! I love the tattoo your husband got, that is very sweet.

  2. Such a priceless photo!!! And such sweet tatoos!!

  3. Love that tattoo! Also the couples yoga shot is so hot! I should convince my husband to do yoga with me...