Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here's the scoop

... definitely shouldn't have typed out scoop, because there's a pint of Talenti ice cream in the freezer calling my name now and I obviously don't have the will power to say no.

We finally got our first ultrasound!! Raelyn kept saying "babbbyyyy" and pointing at the screen. i melt. 

that (single) little jumping bean on the screen made everything suddenly feel so real and I'd be lying if I wasn't relieved to find out there was just one little babe in my belly. Twins run on handsome's side of the family and although that would've been a blessing x2.. I'm glad were only adding a +1 to the chaos. 

my expected due date is February 2nd, one day after handsome's birthday.. but if this one is anything like Rae was then he/she will more than likely come early. One of the biggest downfalls to being so far away from family are times like these. What are we going to do if I go into labor in the middle of the night? We haven't made close enough friends that I'd trust to watch Rae, so unless family just so happens to be here at the right time, handsome will have to stay with Rae while I labor alone. scary, scary thought. So friends.. family.. if you're reading this you're more than welcome to come stay with us end of January ;) 

I've actually considered not getting an epidural? what the whattttt? I have a friend who is a labor and delivery nurse that has almost talked me into it, but let me be frank and say that I would feel like a total badass (props to all you mama's who do it au natural) but I would also be totally freaked out. I made it to 7cm w/ Rae and that crap hurt. Breastfeeding is also going to happen this go around, too. I cringe at the though of finding my pump and having to use that awful thing again.. fingers crossed this baby will nurse like a champ just like Rae did. 

Potty training and toddler beds. Rae will be two in January, which means I'm going to try and get her out of diapers and into a big girl bed before the new baby comes along. What do you think momma's? Too early? Do I go toddler bed, twin, or full? We attempted early potty training a few weeks back, but she was so freaked to sit on the toilet for some reason, so I backed off. I may pick up a little potty of her own and see if that helps. As far as the bed situation goes, I'm leaning towards a full honestly. Just because I don't want to have to keep buying new beds for her. But what if she rolls off? She never moves when she sleeps now, so maybe that won't be the issue.. it'll probably be getting her to actually STAY in bed.. but we do know she is going to be the best big sister!

We're so, SO excited about this new adventure. Handsome swears it's going to be another girl and I couldn't tell you what I think. I never had a feeling it was a girl with Rae, but he knew the whole time so who knows. Names are picked out for a boy and a girl so at least were prepared in that department.   

This pregnancy has been so different. Pregnancy with Rae was a breeze compared to how I've been feeling with this babe. I'm nauseous almost all the time, I never want to eat and figuring out what to cook for dinner has become the worst thing ever for me to accomplish.. thankfully I have an awesome husband who never complains about cereal or veggie/fruit trays for dinner :) I haven't touched coffee in almost two months now and you can almost bet that I'm napping on the couch while Rae naps upstairs. All my productivity has gone out the window and I am desperately hoping things change come second trimester. I for REAL need to get on a workout schedule because I'm sure the full blown sweet cravings will happen again. 


  1. You made it to a 7 without an epidural, you were probably in transition (the hardest part) when you got the epidural so I have full faith you can go all the way this time :) you should check into taking Bradley Method classes in your area. I fully agree with the just going ahead and transitioning to a full bed. I don't understand the theory behind switch in them to a smaller bed and then switching again, and again. Money and time girlfriend. Good luck with getting Rae her own potty too! Lily was also scared of the real toliet when she started training.

  2. Hoorayy! Congratulations, that's wonderful news! I feel the same way, there are twins in my husbands' side too and part of me is thrilled about the idea, the most part is terrified!! Our little one just turned two and is started to get interested in potty training now. Apparently waiting until they are ready is the way to go, so we're letting her tell us and she's not afraid at all. xx

  3. mmm I remember the relief that there was just one in there too when I was pregnant, ha. 2 would have been awesome, buuuut a lot harder of an awesome ha. Do you have a little toilet seat that sits on the big toilet? We have that and the floor one but Aria likes the seat on the big toilet just fine. It would be great to have those two transitions done before babe number two! Good luck. I'm a little intimidated with switching to a bed, her crib transitions into a tiny toddler bed so we'll be doing that to start. I just can't imagine her staying in it!

  4. I went all natural with my labor, and honestly...once you get past the 7cm mark, everything speeds up (which makes the contractions speed up...not so great), and before you know it you have to push! And then with all that pain and pushing, you get the greatest gift of all, with such a sense of accomplishment. Yes, it was uncomfortable ( hurt like hell), but it was the most incredible experience to feel it all. And within about 30 minutes of delivering her, I was up walking around like nothing happened. You can do it if you put your mind to it ;) I promise!!

  5. Just found your blog through a link-up & wanted to say congrats on the new little one! Your family is super adorable! Being far from family is difficult when pregnant. Hopefully they can come see you & help! I wish so desperately that our family had been able to come to Germany for our son's birth, but with how expensive it is, it just wasn't in the cards!

    And although we aren't expecting another one [yet lol], we are hoping to get transition to a big bed & some potty training done by the 2nd birthday too in Feb. So I hope it's possible since we're trying it too!

    Good luck! :)